Our days consist of habits.

You may do things unconsciously, or think you’re doing the right thing, or live on autopilot, or else.

But in the end of the day, your habits define you. And either they control you, or you take control of your life by choosing the positive ones.

It’s important to understand your behavioral patterns, work on them, hack them and use them for your own good.
The result of that will be living the rest of your life as a successful, happy person, who is not in the trap of his bad habits and is ready to thrive.

And the easiest and surest way to succeed, is to imitate successful people.

There are skills you’ll have to acquire, things you’ll need to do daily, a certain way of thinking to have, and other stuff to eliminate from your schedule.

So check out some of the things successful people do, and what they don’t do.

Then get out there and give it a try.

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20 Habits of Unsuccessful People

  1. Give up easily.
  2. Waste their time.
  3. Criticize.
  4. Never set goals.
  5. Get distracted every day.
  6. Fear change.
  7. Horde information and data.
  8. Act before they think.
  9. Think they know it all.
  10. Talk more than they listen.
  11. Blame others.
  12. Try to bring others down to their level.
  13. Stop learning.
  14. Think, say and do negative things.
  15. Hold a grudge.
  16. Always angry on others.
  17. Have a sense of entitlement.
  18. Secretly hope that others will fail.
  19. Take the easy way out.
  20. Don’t know what they want to be.

22 Habits of Successful People

  1. Track progress.
  2. Learn from mistakes.
  3. Spend time with the right people.
  4. Make to-do lists.
  5. Maintain proper balance in life.
  6. Write down goals and targets.
  7. Think long term.
  8. Compliment others.
  9. Know their purpose and mission.
  10. Want others to succeed.
  11. Accept responsibility for their failure.
  12. Have a burning desire.
  13. Work with passion and commitment.
  14. Learn, improve and read every day.
  15. Take risks.
  16. Handle problems well.
  17. Being humble.
  18. Share information and data.
  19. Exude joy.
  20. Forgive others.
  21. Talk about ideas.
  22. Embrace change.

What other successful habits do you have or want to develop?

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  1. All of this hit home. One of the courses I teach is Human Relations, and goal setting, habit forming, time management, self-efficacy, and many other topics are discussed. I especially like “stop learning” for the unsuccessful person. It reminds me of a quote that goes something like, “When you stop getting better, pretty soon you stop being good.”

    1. Glad you agree with all these. Good quote.

      Too many avoid every chance to learn something, unfortunately.

      Which prevents them from growing. That’s why it’s full of average people and the crowd gets bigger.

      Thanks for commenting. And keep teaching people how to change for the better. You’re doing a great thing.

      All the best!