Quotes by Lidiya K, Part 2

inspirational thoughts about life

1.Who are we? and ‘Why are we here?‘ will always be the 2 questions that interest people the most.
But what fascinates me even more is how much time they spend focusing on the question, while the answer itself doesn’t need to be found, guessed, told or even known.
All the answers you’ll ever need are already here – inside of you and in the present moment. And when you let go of the struggle and anxiety caused by the questions, you may find yourself having all the answers.

2. One of the best things I taught myself is never to wish to be at someone else’s place.
I know that we can never know what the others person is going through, whether he’s happy or not, even if he looks like he is.
I’ve understood it so deeply that I don’t even think ‘wish I was like that‘ when I see someone win the lottery, become successful, a person with great manners, with a sense of humour, or whatever else it is that makes most people jealous.

3. It’s interesting how something we don’t care about can make someone else’s world collapse in a second.

4. Freedom lies not in wanting to impress anyone, but in just doing what you think is right and not having any expectations about it.

5. After every moment, comes the next one. And that’s comforting.
But one day there may be no next one. Keep that in mind.

6. The best therapy in the world is quite cheap – you just need to sit quietly in your room, ignore everything else, breathe deeply, and be brutally honest with yourself about how you feel, what makes you do the things you do, what you want and what to do to get it.
And even if you take no action after that, you’ll be a changed man.

7. If I was to give advice, I’d encourage everyone to become self-employed.

8. Being easily impressed is a trait of the happy people who live simply and peacefully, have found contentment and appreciation.
Even though they may look naive and foolish.

9. We’re all writers in our heads.

10. Some time ago I realized it’s too time- and energy-consuming to wait for others to be proud of you.
It requires expectations, waiting, looking for approval, living by someone else’s standards, doing things you don’t really wanna do.
That’s why, some time ago, I started doing what I like and what I think is right, and became proud of myself. That’s more than enough and makes me happier.

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