A Great Morning Routine to Get Things Done in The Early Hours

You already have a morning routine, whether you realize it or not. And most of the times, it’s a bad one.

The things we repeatedly do are the foundation of success. And starting every day in a productive, positive and healthy manner is a sure way to achieving our goals.

With each morning we have the chance to make the following day count, to kickstart it and to actually get something done, especially if it’s related to our passion project.

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Here is how a great morning routine looks like:

1. It all starts from the night before.

Because you can’t get up early every day if you don’t start going to bed earlier too.

It will be uncomfortable in the beginning as these are some of your most ingrained habits. It takes some time, but the benefits are amazing.

2. Get up early.

It’s easy to set the alarm for the early hours, but it’s not that easy to actually get up. Here are some tips on how to manage to leave the comfort of your bed:

  • put your alarm on the other side of the room so that you’ll have to get up and go to it;
  • never say “just 2 more minutes”, or wait for the next alarm. Get up right away and start doing something – go to the bathroom to brush your teeth, have a glass of water or get dressed. After doing it, it’s much less likely to go back to bed;
  • plan what to do after you get up from the night before, also have your clothes ready beside your bed so that it’s harder for you to say no to the early morning.

In this post you can find more tips like that.

Get up early enough so that you’ll have time to do your morning rituals slowly. The point of the whole thing is to have a great morning, not to be in a hurry, have time for yourself and get stuff done.
After all, you’re doing it for yourself. And, eventually, it will affect every other area of your life.

3. Action plan.

And now it’s time to take the actual steps a great morning routine consists of. They are in no particular order; rearrange them so that they can be the way you like them.


A quick one will do.

Just trying to stay still for a few minutes, emptying your mind and focusing on your breathing, can make you a more relaxed person and help you deal with stress and anxiety.
It’s even better if you start making the meditation session longer and include positive affirmations.

A glass of water

It may be cold water – to make the body start burning calories to warm it again, or hot water with lemon – to cleanse the organism. Both are a great choice.

Healthy breakfast

The best choice for me is 30g. of protein within 30 minutes of waking up (a technique I learned from Tim Ferriss).
But whether it’s cereal, fruits or else, it’s up to you.

Plan your day

Make a list and decide which your most important tasks are.

Check email

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One of the best productivity decisions you can take is to check email twice a day: first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.

Many have the habit of doing it every ten minutes, and it distracts them from their actual work.
Now is the time to check it and empty your inbox.


This is the quiet time you have for yourself. Enjoy it, find inspiration, create.

Work out

Either have your gym session as a part of your morning routine (if fitness is your sport), go jogging or for a walk. Or at least do a 20-minute workout at home.

4. Start working on your 3 most important tasks.

Throughout the routine nothing else should come in your way. That means that no TV, phone, people or daily worries should be on your mind.
I assume the others will still be sleeping at that time. As for the rest, it’s up to you to eliminate distractions.

In the end (late morning), you should feel energetic, motivated, encouraged because you’ve already got a lot done, and will have set the tone for a productive day.

Your morning routine reveals your approach to your days, and your life in general. So make it a good one!

How do you start your day? And what do you want to change about that?

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  1. I open my eyes and start repeating my personal mission statement in my mind.
    I do a quick intensive workout and pray simultaneously.
    I drink a glass of water.
    I look at my vision board for a few minutes.
    I read about dozen quotes from my philosophy manifesto. I read fragments from a couple of books which shaped my philosophy (about a paragraph each).
    I journal for about 10-15 minutes.
    I brush my teeth and pray at the same time.
    I do 5 to 15 minute cardio workout listening to podcasts or other audio materials.
    My routine extends to the commute to work too: more prayers, meditation, writing on a train, speed reading practice, reading a book written by saint.

    1. You combine all the powerful activities and habits that can be included in a morning ritual. Took a lot of time, though. I’m sure about that.

      I have days where I get up early and do a lot of what you mentioned. But then comes a day or two when I can’t wake up at the time I’ve planned to, don’t feel that motivated and don’t really get things done.
      So it’s all about consistency, after all.

      Glad you’ve mastered that, Michal. You can only move forward from here on.

    1. Thanks.

      Yes, first of all you need a reason to wake up, otherwise it feels like an obligation. Also, prepare the night before – make a to-do list, plan your day, prepare your clothes and stuff, plan out your morning routine so you can take action once you wake up.

      And as for the hardest part – actually getting out of bed – here are some tips on how to get up after the first alarm: http://www.letsreachsuccess.com/2015/02/18/get-out-of-bed-early-morning/

  2. Just great article to follow! But it’s hard getting up early for me. Most times, I fail to fulfill my plan for this. 🙁

    1. Yep, it’s one of the hardest things to change but the problem is that we usually want to do things right from day one.
      So why not start small this time, like getting up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow morning? Then 10 more the next day, and soon you’ll be up an hour earlier and will have some extra time for productive things to do.

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