30 Positive Things About Life

Positive thoughts about life

We all get upset every now and then and lose hope, think that things will never get better and we probably won’t have the life we’ve always been dreaming about.

But that’s not true.

Let’s not live in the prison of being sad and depressed because of momentous stuff, other people, daily problems or outer factors.

Positivity can be kept throughout the whole year and once you get used to this attitude towards life, you’ll become much more contented with who you are and the way things turn out.
You’ll be smiling more, will focus on the good stuff in your life and that will make you considerably more satisfied and peaceful.

Here are some things to keep in mind that will remind you of how good life actually is:

  1. Everything you don’t like about yourself and your life can be changed.
  2. Happiness is right here, in the present moment.
  3. You deserve to be happy.
  4. Your actions inspire people.
  5. With every hardship you encounter, you become stronger.
  6. Your mistakes are your experience, and now you know what not to do next time. That puts you a few steps ahead of others.
  7. At any moment you can meet someone who’s going to change your life.
  8. No matter how bad you feel and what phase you’re going through now, remember two things:
    – it could have been worse;
    – it’s temporary.
  9. Success doesn’t depend on age, nationality, gender, looks, connections, capital, education or religion. These are just outer factors.
    If you have a purpose, stay focused and consistent and believe in yourself and your dreams, you can make them come true.
  10. It’s just a bad day and it doesn’t mean your life sucks. Just wait for tomorrow.
  11. After every time it rains, there comes a rainbow.
    And after every sunset – a sunrise.

That’s a guest post I wrote for PickTheBrain.
You can check out the rest of the positive things about life here.

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