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Mindset is key when it comes down to changing your habits, going after your goals and working hard on moving forward every single day.

It all starts in the mind, before you see any actual progress in your life.

But what’s around you is also important. And it affects you more than you think.

Here are two examples:

Being surrounded by people who are ambitious – who talk about ideas and chase their dreams, who think of ways to make money, work out, take care of themselves, travel or else – will make you want to do something about your life too.

You’ll want to improve, take immediate action and see results.

Let’s say you want to get fit, start eating better, or lose weight, or all of these. And you do your best not to eat any junk food.

But if you have some of it in your house, you’re much more likely to have a cheat meal. And to ruin your whole day, or diet.

Many may give up just because they couldn’t resist a pack of cookies.

And it’s not really your fault.

It’s the fact that you have them around you, knowing that and thinking about it every time you pass the cupboard they’re in.
Even that uses your willpower as you eventually start craving them.

And, of course, there’s a solution for both of these.

In the first case, you’ll eliminate the people around you that are toxic, that talk only about other people’s lives and indulge in bad habits, that have no desire to grow and learn, and are too negative and selfish.

And you’ll surround yourself with new ones by joining communities, finding people with the same interests online, starting a new job, going to courses, trips, camps, etc.

In the second situation, you just need to get rid of everything tempting at home. That’s all.

It will still be hard, but this time you won’t feel the bad influence of the environment in your own house.

The fight for a better you continues, though. When you go out you’ll meet people that will make you feel bad and depressed, and will have to ignore the cravings in the supermarket, restaurant, or else.

But still, your life will be much easier if you make a significant change in the environment you spend most time in.

And never forget that it shapes your behavior in many more ways that you expect.

The same goes for your work environment.

It’s one thing to dislike your job, but it’s another to feel physically ill walking in to work. 

Whether it’s a new manager who thinks hovering behind your chair is productive or you’re dealing with coworkers who just don’t care about their job anymore, the atmosphere at work can sometimes quickly go from manageable to miserable. 

However, leaving your job isn’t always an option—at least not right away. So, until things improve or you’re able to plot your exit strategy, you’ll still need to show up every day and deal with whatever tension ails your workplace. 

What do you think has a bad influence on you in your surroundings? And are you planning on changing it?