In everything we do, there’s an underlying motive.

Most of the times we’re not aware of it. Which often leads to having no direction in life, and thus getting nowhere.

If you want to change that, to go back to your path and follow it, you’ll need to find your why.

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That can happen by simply questioning your actions at any moment, trying to figure out what makes you do what you do, and getting a clear idea of the things you want, the stuff that makes you happy, moves you and lets you become a better version of yourself.

That’s your purpose, mission, definite desire, destiny, and so on.

There are many names, and many others we haven’t heard of. But trying to name it can only take time.

So it’s better to invest that time in searching for it, analyzing your desires, getting to know yourself.

One way is to track your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. To notice when you’re not sure about something, disapprove, want to change something, feel like it’s not the right thing, etc.

Stuff like that matters a lot as it shows what you really care about, what you know you should be doing and your version of right and wrong.

And the best thing is that once you find your why, you’ll sleep better at night, you’ll feel contentment and ease because you won’t be going against your nature anymore.
You’ll become good at what you do simply because it’s what you’re meant to do.

So don’t lose hope only because you haven’t found it yet.

Imagine a world where people know what inspires them and dedicate time to it each day. They walk around happy and satisfied, live an effortless life, don’t have any regrets or ‘what ifs’, because they are doing what they want to.

You need to find your why in order to:

You owe it to yourself, and to the world, to find your mission statement and to let it take you towards bigger goals and dreams.

Never underestimate the power of a focused mind. You’ll have it when you know why you do the things you do.

The reason must be so strong that it should make you cry. That’s how much you care about your deepest desire.

It’s what will make you leave a great legacy, live a life of fulfillment, make every day of yours passionate and express gratitude on a daily basis because of that.

So think about it, ask yourself and be honest, notice how you react to certain things, and whether or not you like what you currently do.

That’s how you’ll know if you’re on the right path.

Have you found your purpose yet? Do you know why you do the things you do? And how does it feel to be doing the right thing?

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  1. I’m thinking I have to print your posts to wall-paper my room so I can read them every day – so thought provoking. What’s your educational background, if I may ask?

    1. That’s a great compliment. Made me smile.

      I’m from Bulgaria. Graduated from an English Language High School.
      Getting a bachelor’s degree in Marketing later this year, then off to another city to study Creative Writing for my master’s degree (as there’s just no point in learning stuff I don’t care about).

  2. I loved this post so much! I’ve been solidifying this thought in my head for weeks but haven’t put it into words yet. I really like your thought on desiring something to the point that it makes you cry to think about it. That’s so awesome! If I seem a little excited it’s because this idea is exciting, ha! This will be useful to me in coming up with reasons to keep on trying, or asking myself the dreaded question of “why?”.

    I have to ask, have you taken any inspiration from Stephen Covey, or Elliott Hulse?

    1. Thank you so much for that passionate comment!
      I haven’t read these guys, but almost every self-improvement guru, successful person or one living an extraordinary life talks about finding the why.
      So I’ve taken some inspiration from everyone along the road.

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