My Goals for March

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I’m always working on my goals, that’s a fact.

I probably fail more times than I succeed. But that’s proof that I’m trying again and again.

So now I’ve decided to give this accountability thing a try. I’ll write down and publish on the blog a few things I want to focus on in the next 3 weeks.

The month has already started, but I’m not a fan of waiting for Mondays, the beginning of the month, or else. As usually later becomes never.

The sooner one starts working on his habits, the sooner he will fail, and thus get closer to doing it the right way (as he finds out what doesn’t work).

The point is not to get discouraged during the journey.

Three weeks is not that much, compared to all the previous months. Actually, it’s the perfect amount of time to see how far you can get in your personal development.

The good news is that, if I fail, I’ll try again. But this time I might just get it right!

Throughout the years I’ve learnt to deal with failure, which is a great achievement itself.

And now that I look at where I am, the place is much better than what it used to be. So I’m quietly moving forward. Experimenting, finding out new systems that work best for me and implementing them in my daily schedule.
And the thing I’m most grateful for is that I haven’t given up even after so many mistakes and areas with no progress.

So here are a few things I’d love to have achieved by the end of March.

1. Go to the gym at least 4 times a week.

I’m currently going 3-4 on average, sometimes 2, as it’s a habit I’ve been working on for years.

But I still have these dark moments every now and then when I feel a bit depressed, eat a lot of junk food and don’t get much done. And I stay away from the gym, too.

The goal now is to go there 4 times a week no matter what.

I know I can do it, and always feel so much better and proud of myself after a workout, but the point is to fight my demons and show up even when it’s raining, or when I don’t feel like going anywhere.

It’s quite a realistic goal, but still requires a bit more dedication and effort than I’m currently investing in that. So it’s a great way to challenge myself a bit (considering there are other things I’ll want to do in the next few goals).

2. Have my morning routine at least 4 times a week.

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Once I get up early, it’s easy for me to do a quick workout, meditate for a few minutes and do other positive and healthy activities. I get stuff done and my days are much better than the ones on which I get up later than planned.

So the goal here is to make myself get up really early. And then do what I usually do and be able to call the day productive.

3. Write for at least an hour 5 times a week.

If my day goes as planned (starting early with a successful morning routine and a positive mindset), I quickly sit down and start writing. Then I write for 60-90 minutes at least. That’s 2-3 posts, or enough pages if I’m working on a book so that I can feel good about the work I’ve done.

It must be in the first part of the day, preferably right after my morning routine.

What takes willpower, though, is to make myself sit down and write that first paragraph.

I think all writers and bloggers know what I’m talking about.

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5. No bread, rice, potatoes.

Now that’s what I call a challenge.

It’s something I try all the time, but food is my greatest weakness.

There’s nothing I’ve tried to give up more times (I mean junk food, gluten, sweets, etc.)

I finally managed to do that with bread a few years ago, as I could eat great amounts of it without hesitation. So now it’s not that tempting, although I still eat it sometimes.

Sweets aren’t really my passion (and thank God for that!), but there’s still stuff like rice and potatoes.

My body needs them to some extent, yes. But I’ve tried to exclude them from my menu and felt so much better without them.

I believe that most carbs and foods with gluten are actually unnecessary for the body.

Anyways, I’m doing it more for the “get fit” part of all that.

I’ll try not to eat rice and potatoes and stuff like that until the end of the month.


That’s it for now.

There are habits I’ve just developed like blogging regularly (4-6 times a week), that I want to stay consistent in.

But my focus is on getting these 4 a go for the next 3 weeks. They’re all attainable and I believe that seeing the progress I’ll made once I do all that, will be my motivation to keep doing it and be in top shape for the summer.

So let’s see how that will go.

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