A person that’s happy with who he is and the life he’s living can be recognized from afar. And it often makes us wonder what it is that he does differently.

That’s a sign that we ourselves aren’t satisfied with our current life and want to change something.

And the best way to do it is to simply start doing the things happy people do. Because all of them have common traits and habits that are the foundation of their contentment.

So here’s what happy people have in common:

1. They start every day with a positive mindset.

I’m sure you’ve had days that started badly and got only worse from then on. Well, how would you feel if you knew it was just a matter of choice?

How your days go is your decision. And it usually happens in the very beginning of each day.

So when you get up tomorrow try to choose to be happy and spend the day the best way possible. Even that little mindset trick will help you be happier in general if you do it long enough.

Here you can find positive things to start your day, and great quotes to wake up to.

2. They live in the present moment.

Happy people realize that life happens only in the present. And they focus on it, experience it with their whole being, appreciate and enjoy it.

They are here, now, and nothing else matters.

3. They follow their passion.

Joyful people are passionate souls. They have taken some time to find out the thing they truly care about, and made their best to include it in their days.

Spending time doing the things you’re passionate about can turn your life around. It will bring you pure joy, happiness, meaning, peace and spirit.

4. They dare to dream big.

These days many people get so discouraged by the world we live in, that they stop believing in big things. But nothing has changed and everyone is still capable of achieving whatever he puts his mind to.

He just needs to want it bad enough and to be ready to make sacrifices and take action every day to get closer to it.

And even if you’re not ready to start that journey, make the first step in your mind now – start believing again. Dream big!

5. They focus on the good in people.

Everyone has good and bad sides. That’s a well-known fact.

But what you decide to see is up to you, and it shapes your attitude towards that person, and even your whole relationship.

So open yourself for the good in people, and they will start showing it to you more and more.

6. They accept failure and learn from it.

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Happy people know they’ve failed before, but they are okay with that.

They know that their mistakes helped them be the person they are today, and that’s a great thing.

Because of them, they learned how to move on, got stronger and found the courage to try again with a new approach.

7. They know how to enjoy the little things.

Most people drink their morning cup of coffee in a hurry, while thinking of all the tasks they need to complete later in the day, and are afraid they won’t have enough time.

Happy people, on the other hand, make time to drink their coffee in peace while listening to music, reading a book or just enjoying the silence.

That’s a huge difference between these two types of people.

8. They surround themselves with other happy people.

Who you spend your time with matters a lot. Other people affect you, even if you don’t see it.

Surround yourself with negative people, who are struggling to succeed, who have no ambition, are lazy, worried and stressed, and you’ll decrease your level of happiness significantly.

But if you’ve really decided to live a happier life, then you’ll need to spend less time with them, and instead – communicate with new people who are always smiling and positive.

9. They are okay with who they are.

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Happy people have learned how to appreciate, trust and love themselves for who they are.

And that doesn’t mean they don’t have goals and aren’t trying to change for the better. It just means they’re in peace with who they are, and that makes their days much brighter.

10. They always have something to look forward to.

Be it the weekend, a trip, meeting an old friend, or else, they have a reason to smile even more each day as this thing excites them.

11. They find time for themselves.

Busy people constantly state that they don’t have any time for themselves. And they still wonder why their days are so hectic and they feel overwhelmed and depressed in the end.

The truth is that you prioritize, and make time for the things that are important. And having time just for yourself is a key ingredient of a happy life.

It may be early in the morning, or late at night. When everyone else is sleeping and there’s nothing to bother you.

Then you may decide to meditate, read or write, listen to music, plan your day, or else. But whatever it is, you’ll know it’s time only for yourself.

12. They live on their own terms.

Happy people don’t live by other people’s standards. They don’t try to answer their expectations and do what they are supposed to.

They have their own ambitions and dreams and aren’t afraid to admit that.

13. They forgive.

Not forgiving means carrying the burden of something that has happened in the past and taking it with you in the future. And that’s a tough thing to do.

Instead, happy people forgive others, and themselves too. They accept failures, disappointments and mistakes, let them be and move on.

They try to spend quality time with the people they care about, to focus on the good in them, and that doesn’t include reminding themselves of how these people hurt them in the past.

14. They are grateful.

They also concentrate on the good in their life. They wake up grateful for all the things they have. And it becomes more than enough once you feel abundant.

They thank for all this, appreciate it and make their days even more joyful this way.

15. They help others.

Contented people aren’t egoistic. They know happiness is only real when it’s shared. So they try to encourage others, to help them when they can, to bring back hope and give advice.

They know that even the little acts of kindness can make a big difference.


So these are the most common traits of cheerful individuals that anyone can start practicing at any moment.

It doesn’t take effort, time or resources. It just requires mindfulness, a desire to be happy and to make the world a better place by starting with yourself.