Poll: What Does Your Morning Routine Look Like

morning routines of people

I’m such a fan of morning routines. And it’s always exciting and useful to see how others are doing it.

So today I’m asking you to share yours – if you have one.

I mean, if you’re not just waking up 10 minutes before you need to go out and get ready in a hurry before leaving home and forgetting stuff. That’s also a morning ritual, if done daily, but it’s a bad one.

Here are 10 quick questions to answer that will give me the most important information about how your mornings look like (I’ll also make a post about the results):

Thanks for participating!

The poll is a great way to see what most people are doing and whether they’re seeing results or not.

Also, I’ll see new things, and may even make a change to my ritual.

I’ll make another post after some time where I’ll share the results.

I’ll make conclusions, will try to share what most people do, what works and what doesn’t, what activities are most popular, what time people wake up and how all this affects their day.

It will be helpful as there you’ll find real life results and opinions of people, will see how they are developing the same habit you are trying to stick to, but in a different way.

The good thing is that everyone who takes part in the poll has a morning routine, which means that he cares about improving his life and changing his habits and is doing something about it.

So the answers will all be given by people who are trying to be more productive, find the willpower to get up early, stay consistent and motivated.

And even if it’s only now and then, it matters.

I’m interested to see how many different versions of a morning routine I’ll find in the results.

Stay tuned!

And feel free to share your exact ritual in the comments below. Or just to add something on the subject.

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