Poll: What Does Your Morning Routine Look Like

I’m such a fan of morning routines. And it’s always exciting and useful to see how others are doing it.

So today I’m asking you to share yours – if you have one.

I mean, if you’re not just waking up 10 minutes before you need to go out and get ready in a hurry before leaving home and forgetting stuff. That’s also a morning ritual, if done daily, but it’s a bad one.

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Here are 10 quick questions to answer that will give me the most important information about how your mornings look like (I’ll also make a post about the results):

Thanks for participating!

The poll is a great way to see what most people are doing and whether they’re seeing results or not.

Also, I’ll see new things, and may even make a change to my ritual.

I’ll make another post after some time where I’ll share the results.

I’ll make conclusions, will try to share what most people do, what works and what doesn’t, what activities are most popular, what time people wake up and how all this affects their day.

It will be helpful as there you’ll find real life results and opinions of people, will see how they are developing the same habit you are trying to stick to, but in a different way.

The good thing is that everyone who takes part in the poll has a morning routine, which means that he cares about improving his life and changing his habits and is doing something about it.

So the answers will all be given by people who are trying to be more productive, find the willpower to get up early, stay consistent and motivated.

And even if it’s only now and then, it matters.

I’m interested to see how many different versions of a morning routine I’ll find in the results.

Stay tuned!

And feel free to share your exact ritual in the comments below. Or just to add something on the subject.

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  1. Our life is very variable…particularly at the moment as my daughter is undergoing medical tests and appts in the city and while there is some routine, it is more chaotic than usual. I drove to the station and had left my wallet at home the other morning. I don’t usually do stuff like that.

    1. Well, unpredicted things always find a way to ruin the peace we’ve created.

      But if you answer the questions, speak in general and don’t consider the current situation.

  2. I used to be a late riser, but since moving in with my fiance, I get up early since she has to be at her school before I used to even wake up. Now I have at least two hours in the morning to think, write, read, catch up on things. It makes going in to work easier knowing I’ve already put in some time for myself.

  3. I’ve been doing a morning routine for about 5-6 weeks now and I like it a lot. First thing I do is wash my face with cold water, make my bed, meditate for 5-10 min, read for a bit, drink a tall glass of water, and then take a cold shower. Sometimes I do more but that’s what I’ve been most consistent at. It’s really helped me get ready for the day by helping me clear my mind and reduce my stress. Definitely glad I started and will most certainly continue.

    1. Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

      I’d say it’s main theme is health. Is that right? Or you just include the activities that help you the most?

  4. Yeah you could say health but I just did what might work for me, haha. I do visualize during meditation for what I’m working for though, so that may be a little more spiritual and/or for personal development reasons.

  5. Establishing a morning routine-even on the weekends-has been a challenge for me. I am a natural night-owl, and since my disabled mom lives with me, and can be very needy, I do not have a lot of privacy or time for creativity. My bad habit is staying up way too late – writing or creating or just having peaceful uninterrupted thought. But I have identified some goals I really want to reach in my life and have come to accept that I need to change in order for me to achieve what I really want. Since your info graphic blog (I really liked that) I have been even more motivated. I run out of steam doing all the things you listed- and then never get to my MIT’s- so for now, I’m just concentrating on 5 things in the am: 1) stretch 2)coffee 3) take care of fur babies 4)journal/affirmations 5) get ready for the day. I usually do my to-do list the night before so I don’t have to think about it the next day. Getting up earlier is enough for me to think about, lol. My eventual goal is up at 5:30am. And your blog helps me to keep these goals right in front of me in order to work on them. 🙂

    1. I’m so happy you find my content here useful and actually make changes in your day.

      Definitely don’t try to make all the things I usually list when I give examples of morning routines. It’s too much for a start.
      2-3 (or the 5 you’re currently doing) are great. Now you just need to stay consistent for some time so that the whole thing feels more natural and soon it will be easy to do it.

      Getting up early is the real deal, though. And the hardest.

      I think even people who’ve been doing it for years still have a moment of doubt in the morning and need to use willpower in order to just leave the bed and don’t get back to it.
      So focus on that now.

      And as for the night owl thing, you might wanna check this out (one of my first posts on the blog, but exactly on that subject):

      Creative people usually find the flow during the night, and it feels normal for them not to have a strict sleeping schedule. But this chaotic way of living is bad when considered in the long term.

      I still feel like staying up all night, even if it’s just to do the things I do during the day. But what changed is that I actually realized how getting up early shapes my mindset and who I become. And it’s not a coincidence that every single person I look up to does it.

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