The Philosophy of Winning and Losing (And Why It’s Better to Be a Loser)

philosophy of winning and losing why be winner in life

People are too focused on winning, and too afraid of losing.

But have you ever analyzed both of these?

If you think about it, there’s no need to win. It’s wrong when we think we need to do it. You can have a beautiful life without it.
Moreover, winners are not as happy as we think.

What happens when you win? You have to achieve even more, you’re never good enough, or satisfied, others expect too much from you, and that’s just a lot of pressure.

But eventually there comes a time when you fail. Because, let’s face it, we’re all humans. Perfection is an illusion, and it’s out of reach even for the best in any area.

And having won and then lost destroys your world.

Also, winners become proud, feel invincible and superior to others, and thus make them feel bad. And even you winning means making someone else lose.
But what leader or role model are you if you make others feel bad?

Those who have a few victories usually become arrogant, think they’re in control, stop appreciating what they have and always ask for more.
This also makes them feel alone, ruins their relationships (as they want to win even there), others feel threatened by them.

So it turns out that you may win or reach the top of something, but you’re losing your soul.

Having this in mind, I can say that winners are the biggest losers.

And losers themselves are luckier. They are still happy, still down to earth, are keeping their hope and dreams alive. They don’t think they’re more than others and thus help, share, are compassionate and kind.

I’m saying all this because we tend to be focused on winning (and making others lose) so much in our daily life, that we can’t experience the beautiful days that are given to us.

And that doesn’t mean you should stop doing anything. No! Set goals, take action every day towards them and stay focused on the end result.
But do it for yourself, for the greater good. And not for society, to prove something or to win a competition. Because that’s where you lose direction and end up nowhere.

Also, there’s that misconception that failure is something awful.

But failing doesn’t mean you’re a loser. It means you try, do something about your life, take action.

Which puts your ahead of the majority of people that only do what society expects from them and never take the initiative or find the courage to speak up and set big goals.

We all need failure in our lives. It’s natural. It comes and goes and is an important part of our growing up and learning.

And when we accept every failure, just as we accept every success, we can find peace and finally enjoy whatever outcome there is.

Letting go of winning and losing means being free from striving.
Otherwise, you’ll always try to have, be or do something you’ll never reach.

Life becomes a race for triumph lovers. Always struggling to get to the top, always trying to be ahead of others, never enjoying life, never noticing the beauty around.

Don’t become that person.

That post is a bit controversial. There are many points of view. I’d love to hear yours. Share it in the comments below.

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