Review of My Goals for March (Accountability Helped)

Three weeks ago I set these goals. And promised to share the results now.

It was the first time I said what I want to achieve in a certain period of time in front of others, and although no one actually has some control over what I do or can tell me anything that can change my behavior, staying accountable itself helps.

And I can say that I would have worse results now, if I hadn’t posted my goals here. What’s more, I actually managed to do everything I desired.

My morning routine and gym objectives were achieved – a few times I really didn’t want to do my full ritual when I got up, or go for a workout, but I did it only so that I can feel accomplished now. And it was worth it.
I also didn’t eat carbs (the kind I wanted to avoid). In fact, I ate so much better during these 3 weeks than I did before. And am planning to keep it that way.

The writing part – writing for at least 1 h five times a week – wasn’t perfect, though. I felt some resistance almost every time I sat down to write, which wasn’t there before I had it as a goal (creative processes don’t really make any sense most of the times).

The second week I didn’t write 5 times, but I made up for it the week after that. So I did the writing I planned to do, but the main point was to make it a habit to write almost every day of the week. Will have to keep working on that.

So having a good morning routine, exercising regularly, writing and eating better – checked.

Actually, the only thing I have to be proud of is the fact that I stayed consistent. After all, we all know what we should be doing daily, but it’s not easy to do it and repeat it the next day.

So I can only hope I’ll stay motivated enough to keep going so that I can see more results.

That’s all for now.

And if you’re setting some new goals, try finding an accountability buddy, publish it on your blog, find such groups online, or else. It works.

PS, Today is 2 years since I made this blog. So cheers for that.

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  1. This is a great idea/exercise that I am definitely going to implement for April and the following months. Thanks for sharing and congrats on staying true to your goals ^_^

  2. My writing goal is to just write. The best use of my time is producing next book, but many times I feel constricted, so I switch to writing a post for my blog, an article without definite purpose (I just wfeel I need to write about this) or my SF novel which will be probably never published.