11 People Who Became Successful Later in Life [Infographic]

late bloomers success

Stories of late bloomers are inspiring.

And even reading about how someone succeeded later than expected, how he discovered his dream and finally dared to follow his passion late in life, or how he didn’t give up and persevered for decades before he saw some results, is moving, and ignites a light deep inside us that raises hope.

That’s because we’ve all been there – some never achieved what they wanted and gave up after some time, others just never seemed to be getting good at anything, many didn’t believe in themselves, many more thought it was too late.

And such stories of famous late bloomers are powerful, as they awake the sleeping passionate and determined individual inside us, and inspire us to try again, to believe more, to keep looking for meaning.

Perseverance pays off. It’s just that sometimes it may take longer than expected. It may not be months as you’ve been told, but years, or decades if you’re not dedicated enough.

Sometimes there are many other people and outer factors who have a say in this, and you just can’t level up without them. That’s when you get stuck.

But you need to realize one thing: there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, etc, and still haven’t found your calling, but are looking for it.

Keep looking

Success doesn’t need to come early in life.

Often, when what you want to achieve is big, it requires you to become another person, to change your habits, way of thinking and approach to life, to have experience, gain knowledge.

And that takes a lot of time. But during that time you’re not a failure, you’re building your character, you’re becoming the person who can handle your future success.

Sadly, many lose hope and point in doing anything after waiting some time without seeing results.
But it seems to me that the wait is always worth it.

Here are 11 examples of that:

Famous Late Bloomers

famous successful late bloomers

And here are the lessons we can take from their successes:

  • you may have been working an ordinary job your whole life, but you can still find your passion in another area and follow it;
  • it’s never too late to get a degree;
  • you may succeed long after you’ve started a family;
  • if you want to be good in one field but fail miserably, it’s just not your thing and you can move on to another and still achieve a lot;
  • you can start working on a brand new idea later in life, and it can still turn out to be your biggest success.

So it’s never too late to find your passion, follow it, study, invent, create, invest, and do whatever it is that feels right.

And unless you’re over 100, you have no excuse.

So which of the late bloomers success stories in the infographic did you find most inspiring?

Infographic – Courtesy of the Brighton School of Business & Management

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