How to Really Live Life on Your Own Terms

Longevity depends a lot on social life.

Ironic, I know.

Basically, other people in our life have a say in how long we’re going to live. That’s the big picture.

But, also, it all depends on us. It’s our reaction to what they do and say, our attitude towards them and whether we let them control, judge, let us down, etc.

I already explained how the factors connected to health and environment affect our life expectancy.
But social life is as important.

In this post I’ll summarize the stuff that involves other people that shortens our life or helps us live longer.

Something like social life – that is such a big part of our daily round and has many consequences – just can’t be ignored when talking about living a happy, healthy and extended life.

Improving social life to increase longevity

Longevity hack 1: Meaningful Relationships

Loving and being loved makes our living worthwhile, pleasant and joyful.

This includes all the people you can rely on, spend quality time with and care for and all that is the key for no depression, stress and loneliness.

Longevity hack 2: Conflicts

To some extent they can be useful, but most of the times people distort the situation, yell at each other and argue.
This leads to bad relationships that can be carried on for years, and that may be fatal for our level of happiness, harmony and calmness.

Conflicts can be prevented by listening, discussing and trying to find a reasonable solution together that will work best for everyone.

We also need to realize the origin of the conflict.

Wrangles increase our adrenaline, anger makes us say and do things we later regret and brings many unpleasant experiences and stress

That harms our health and social life way too much, so the best thing is to react with ease, think before we speak and always put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

Longevity hack 3: Community

We are social human beings and have the need to communicate with others, feel part of a group and have relationships.

Isolated people are sad, depressed and lonely and live shorter than those who visit different social gatherings, talk to different individuals, meet new ones, find new friends, join groups and organizations, go to parties, volunteer and work with many people.

Longevity hack 4: Social Status

It’s connected with success, appreciation, being a role model for others and being respected. But it also affects our lifespan in the long term.

A good position in your job or having your own business, for instance, gives you confidence, financial independence, safety, makes you feel like everything’s under control and you contribute to society and the world.

On the other hand, people who don’t have that are usually negative, jealous of others and constantly criticize successful people, have fear of losing their job and big money issues. All that leads to stress, bad sleep, depression and even diseases.

So continue working on yourself and your ideas, respect others, always put extra effort in what you are doing and never give up on your dreams.

Longevity hack 5: Pet

Having a pet can definitely add years to your life – in fact, the benefits are many.

A pet will always love you no matter what and will constantly show that to you. You form a relationship on a different level – sometimes even better and much more inspirational than the ones you have with people, as they often manipulate, lie, disappoint and do bad things.

The animal can trust you, keep you safe, make you company and cheer you. It’s also a great way to meet other pet owners.

Longevity hack 6: Kids

Many complain about their kids but can’t deny that they’ve changed their life in such a positive way.

Children are our bright future, they are filled with energy and excitement, full of ideas and have a great imagination. Their laugh and smile can make your day.

Regardless of their whims and moods, they are always happy because they still see the magic in everything (unlike adults that have countless worries, fears, negative thoughts and think too much about money, work and problems) and can inspire you and make you feel alive again.

Longevity hack 7: Relationship Status

A stable relationship is another key to longevity as it gives you security, love, calmness, company and much more

Marriage and a happy family life will keep you satisfied and happy.

Families that stick together and continue to show love and appreciation every day suffer less from any diseases, have less financial problems, are in a good mental condition and live longer than the ones that often have argues or get divorced.

So to conclude, I’d say that if you show respect and treat everyone with love and have a positive attitude, you’ll get the same in return.

Make friends, talk with people as much as you can, be honest with them, smile more, help those in need, take care of your family, form stable relationships and prepare yourself for the long, happy life that awaits you.

How does your social life affect your longevity?