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Maybe you’ve made many attempts to develop good habits, start doing productive activities, improve your skills and qualities, but are still getting nowhere.

Well, that’s because you started on the wrong side.

You’re working on changing things on the outside (things you do, habits, daily tasks, people, how you behave, etc.), when you should be focusing on the inside, as more important changes need to be established there first.

Creating the life we’ve always imagined happens in our minds before we see results in reality.

There’s a certain path to follow in order to see yourself becoming a better person and transforming your life. And it’s a process that happens from within.

I’m talking about making changes to the way you think, your attitude, opinion and approach. And then once you develop such mental behaviors and make them stick, you can move on to achieving great things in life.

I came up with this eBook because many people don’t know where to start, once they’ve decided that they want more out of life and have realized they are capable of a lot more.

Inside you’ll find the 10 mental habits that I consider most important for this mindset change.

Becoming aware of them and starting to work on them (slowly, focusing on one at a time) can help you turn your life from negative to positive, and feel confident every step of the way.

I’ve chosen these 10 and used the most understandable way to combine them so that they can be put into practice right away.

The habits are:

1. Purpose
2. Imagination
3. Belief
4. Focus
5. Taking deliberate decisions immediately
6. Accepting failure
7. Living in the present moment
8. Letting go
9. Forgiving
10. Giving

I did my research, experimented on myself and saw what high achievers have tried. And these ten – in that exact combination – seem to work wonders. (If you – of course – are willing to do something about them.)

In the book I describe each item and how we can use it to our advantage. It’s all practical advice that can become the foundation of your future success.

Want to know more?

Here are some things you’ll learn in the book:

  • what is a personal development plan and how to do it;
  • how to live a life of no regrets;
  • why the present moment is so important;
  • what it takes to make great decisions and have no doubts;
  • ways to find focus;
  • changing your attitude towards failure;
  • how to be free of attachment ;
  • how not to let past and future ruin your present;
  • what does giving have to do with success in life;
    and much more.

I’ve given you the realizations you need to come to, the understanding of why these habits are that important, and the simple ways to start doing them.

All that in less than 30 concise pages of information, tips and tricks, inspiration and spiritual guidance for less than a dollar.

It will help you start making big changes in your life without feeling overwhelmed, and developing the mindset all successful people share, which will become the most powerful skill, and the only tool you’ll need later to go after what you want in life and not to stop in the face of hardships.

And you can start building these mental habits right away.

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So do you think that mindset is the foundation of success?
What mental habits do you consider most important for achieving more in life?

Lidiya K

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