Habits are what sets one person apart from another over a long period of time.

After all, what we do daily is what our life looks like. At least for now.

I’m constantly trying to start new successful behaviors, change habits and kick bad ones. With some I succeed, with others I don’t. But I keep working on that without letting it stop me from enjoying my days.

This month (although it’s almost over) I was consistent in some new behaviors that I want to share with you.

Some are a version of stuff I’ve tried before, others are completely new. But it all works pretty fine, so it might just inspire you to copy one or more.

My new habits for this month

1. Tracking food.

We hear about the benefits of journaling everything you do daily (in every area), but we don’t really realize the effect it has until we try it ourselves.

And it’s quite helpful, I’d say.

I’m always trying to change my eating habits and get fit, so this is quite useful for such goals.

Not only does it give you the bigger picture of what you eat, but you also become more aware of what you put in your mouth knowing that you’ll have to put it on paper later.

Guilt is a positive factor in this case. Because even if you’re not trying to control what you eat, you start feeling bad about it once you see it written.

So if you’ve tried other similar things but they haven’t worked, give this one a try.

2. Green coffee.

I won’t be mentioning any particular products, or even stating that it’s that exact natural supplement that helped me.

But I’ve tried many things to kill my cravings and suppress appetite in general and nothing worked.

While this simple thing – it’s really like tea to me – does wonders.

It’s also said to eliminate toxins and is a powerful antioxidant.

3. Drinking a lot of water while in the gym.

Fitness is a habit I’ve already developed throughout the years. And now I’m making small changes to optimize the results.

Drinking 1-1.5L during the workout is something I wish I’d tried before.

Usually, that amount in a short period of time makes me feel full. But not while working out.

Also, I don’t need to think about water consumption for the rest of the day. As this together with a few glasses here and there will be enough.

I’m not at the gym every single day, but this habit still belongs to the list as it’s something new I do consistently now.

4. Eating the exact same breakfast every day.

It makes life easier.

I knew before that having a fixed time for everything (like planned meals) simplifies things, saves you time and the effort of decision making.

In this case, it’s eating proteins (eggs) right after my morning routine (if there’s one this day).

It feels good to know what my meal will be, kills my appetite for others stuff, is another great addition to my successful morning, is quite healthy, and my stomach won’t be empty when (and if) drinking coffee.

Simple and yet with so many benefits.

5. Tracking how much gets done about a personal project/goal/habit/etc.

It may just be a word document named ‘Blogging’, but it does a lot for me.

I feel good every time I add another thing I did this day that’s connected to writing, editing, publishing on the blog, promoting, fixing problems, reading, researching, social media, technological stuff, optimization, etc.

And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m much more productive (and haven’t missed a day) since I started doing this.


I don’t want it to become overwhelming and affect my other habits so I’m keeping things simple – just a few mini habits.