There are more than enough books out there that are so informative and full of practical advice that we rarely even take a look at the ones that are not famous, even if they are still good enough.

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What I mean is that books that cover a wide variety of topics at once are already published and everyone knows about them.

Reading is not dead, of course, nor are books (digital or not).

But people tend to prefer short-form content, which is concise and to the point, gives them a solution to a certain problem they have, and answers a question without going into details on other subjects close to the one they want to know more about.

So I’ll be coming up with mini eBook ideas from now on.

At this point I’m more of a blogger than an eBook author. I still publish content, take the time to create it, edit, format and present it to people, hoping I can inspire and help them.

But there’s no point in making 15K-word books now, as it’s better to just create more in-depth posts on different topics, trying to cover all aspects of self-improvement.
This way people can read only what interests them, without learning stuff they don’t really wanna know.

Information overload is real.

And as I’m a firm believer in prioritizing, focusing on what’s important and doing more of what works (while eliminating the rest) for optimum results in any area of life, I think it’s unnecessary to spend hours reading about something else while trying to find the thing that will actually help you in some way.

That’s why I’ll concentrate on creating short eBooks (4-8K words), that cover a small part of the personal development niche (which is too wide to even try to summarize it).

You’ll be able to find the one you want, read it quickly and immediately implement the methods you learned as they’ll be explained in the easiest way possible.

These will also be 99 cents each.

It’s a minimalist approach – less money, time and effort.
No needless information and no boring parts which you may want to skip.

Just published “The 10 Mental Habits That Will Become the Pillars of Your Success” (10K words and also less than a dollar), but I don’t consider it a part of the new kind of books I’m talking about.

The one I’m just finishing and will be putting up on the blog soon is about confidence, for example. And there will be more after it.

All I’m trying to do is be useful, more helpful, keep publishing books and not only articles, and save non-essential information.

Also, as I’m now making serious changes to the structure of the blog (in my attempts to take it to the next level), I opened a store.
Or a super simple version of a store actually, as there’s no shopping cart. It’s just a list of the products and if you like one, you’re one click away from a PayPal checkout page.

I was using the Smashwords self-publishing platform before, but I don’t really want to point readers to some other site they don’t need to visit and make them download and/or pay there.

I want everyone here to have a choice whether they’ll just stick to the daily content I publish on the site, or visit the book store and pick a product.

It’s better if it’s all in one place.

So with that post I just wanted to make a quick update on my new strategy for books. We’ll see how that works.

Here’s what Dan from TropicalMBA says :

“Many books only have 20 good pages. Or 10. Or none. I’m pretty ruthless about cutting the crap and finding them. That’s the dirty business of reading a lot of books. Most books don’t need to be read. And that’s okay.”

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