A Simple Guide to Constant Inspiration

inspiration guide be constantly inspired

All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.
Chuck Palahniuk

What is inspiration? And do you have it in your life?

It’s the amazing feeling of noticing the magic around us, being full of happy thoughts, reaching another level of consciousness, and being in another state of mind, where you can easily do creative work.

And you should have it in your life.

Inspiration can be caused by everything. And I’ve found out that if you stop waiting for it and making it happen on purpose, you can actually find it in everything. And thus it becomes a habit.

And you start living a life full of inspiration, always feeling lifted up, always ready to create beautiful things.

But if you’re struggling to find it, or your life is full of negativism and you need some passion and excitement in your days, here are some great ways to reach that state:

10 Ways to Be Constantly Inspired

1. Do new things.

Try stuff you’ve never tried before. That gives you new emotions, thoughts, experience.

Your mind, body and spirit find themselves in a new environment and different feelings are provoked.

2. Spend time in nature.

It’s so sad that we rarely do it these days with all the technology around, and the bad habits we have.

But if you bring back the habit of taking a walk in the nature and meditate on the beach, go jogging in the park, go hiking, biking, on a picnic, or else, you can bring the magic back in your life.

3. Read inspiring stuff.

It may be quotes, short stories, poetry, biographies, blogs, etc. There are such passionate writers out there who publish their work to inspire people.

If you make it a part of your morning routine to read a few paragraphs of an uplifting and positive reading, for example, the whole day will be less stressful and more pleasant.

Here are 5 blogs I’m finding pretty motivational.

4. Spend time with kids.

In this post I write about the lessons we can learn from a child.

5. Accept every day as a gift.

This day is given to you and you can do whatever you want with it.

Isn’t that a reason to smile and be grateful for? Isn’t that inspiring?

6. Have some quiet time for yourself.

Other people often take our energy.

We all need to be on our own every now and then. To be left alone with our thoughts, or to just drink our morning coffee while reading a nice book without anyone interrupting us.

The best part of the day to find some quiet time for ourselves is in the early hours while others are still sleeping.

7. See the abundance you live in.

You have so many things you remain blind for.

Open your eyes for all the great people in your life, those who love you and respect you, see all the possibilities around, all the daily little things that make you smile, all the good people in the world that are nice to you without wanting anything in return.

You’ve got your belongings, your good qualities, passions, dreams and goals. You have this life and this moment. Thank for it.

8. Find meaning in everything.

I believe there’s a deeper meaning to life.

And if you keep looking for it, the least that can happen is to get inspired.

Always look for the real reasons why people behave and react in a certain way, for the meaning of events and consequences in your life, etc.

9. Grab chances to learn something new.

Learning is growing. It’s expanding your horizons, finding out new things about life and yourself, changing, improving.

Never stop learning. And never forget that lessons and chances to learn are everywhere around you.

10. Inspire others.

The act of doing something to inspire others is one of the best forms of inspiration for yourself too.

So help, share, give advice, encourage, be polite, inspire with your actions. etc.


Doing these things can turn your life into a beautiful adventure, a spiritual journey, a quest for happiness and deeper existence.

I urge you to turn these into little habits of yours and invest time in them every now and then.
Only great things will come into your life as a result of that.

What other sources of inspiration can you think of?
What was the last thing that inspired you?

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