I’m not a fan of hectic mornings. Start your day like that, and it will only get worse.

Instead, I prefer to have time, rituals, be alone, do some creative work, do pleasant things, and most importantly – find peace.

Because if I don’t find it at this time of the day, my next chance will probably be tomorrow.

I’m a coffee lover and I like to drink it in a certain way – it must be early in the day, after my morning routine and a quick breakfast, and while writing.

But there are many more things you can add to that so that you can make the best of this little ritual.

You may be a tea drinker. Or if not, just do it with a glass of hot water with lemon. It doesn’t really matter as long as you pay attention to the other elements in the whole thing.

And the result will be great – you’ll approach everything that comes to you later in the day with peace, won’t be that stressed and overwhelmed, will already have had time for yourself and found positivity and joy before others have even woken up.

So here is what you can do to fully enjoy the early hours of the day and be able to drink your cup of coffee in the best way possible:

7 Ways to Drink Your Coffee in Peace in The Early Morning

1. Prepare  the night before.

One of the key things is to have enough time for it. So it’s better to get stuff ready from the evening.

If would be great if you go to bed early, but not everyone can or is used to doing that. Anyways, you can still make things easier for tomorrow morning.

Prepare your clothes, declutter, wash the dishes so that a dirty sink is not the first thing you’ll face when you get up.

2. Get up early.

That’s a must because of 3 main reasons:

• there’s beauty and inspiration in the (really) early morning that can’t be found at any other time;
• you’ll be by yourself;
• you’ll have more time.

3. Have a coffee ritual.

It will take time to find the best version that makes you enjoy this pleasant activity the most. But it’s worth it.

It’s not about the caffeine, but about the smell, the small sips, the calmness you feel and the good taste.

I use a machine now, but I’m all about brewing. It really helps create the atmosphere for such an inspirational ritual.

Even just preparing your coffee feels good, and then you can feel the real smell. Learn more about coffee beans, and know the difference between the most common types.

You can use your favorite cup, and add whatever it is that you like.
For me it’s sweetener and cinnamon.

I think it really matters to have no distractions at that moment, to be making the coffee by yourself, to be sitting while drinking it.

All these give you a sense of peace. There’s no need to do anything else, as it’s already perfect. Even enjoying the silence and the fresh air of the early morning can be amazing.

But there are other things you can be doing while (slowly) drinking that magical liquid.

4. Adding an activity.

Reading a book, writing/journaling or just listening to music is what you can do to make the routine even better.

To me, it’s a great way to do some creative work. I’m more productive and have a sense of discipline, control, joy.

Nothing bothers me when I know I have the next hour or two just for writing, my coffee is next to me, and the day hasn’t officially even started.

Another thing you can be doing after you fill the cup, is to make your to-do list and plan out the day, check email, or even social media.

5. Be positive.

Have a light smile on your face the whole time. It really is a beautiful moment.

6. Appreciate it.

Many other people wish they could do the same. A coffee ritual can help you stay sane and improve your mood in general. But others don’t usually find the will to get up early and find the time and effort to do stuff like that in the early hours.

But you’ve got the time, there’s the lovely smell and taste of the beverage, the peace, silence, not being interrupted, the balance and bliss.

Thank for all that. It will make the whole process even nicer.

7. Look forward to having a productive day.

Now that you started the day this way, be sure it will only get better.

Open yourself to the opportunities, good people, inspiration, chances to grow and learn, and ways to improve that you’ll face today. Notice everything. And enjoy it.

The ritual provides serenity, solitude, spiritual awakening and musings. It may turn into the one habit that keeps you positive and productive.

So master it. Get up early every day and take this activity to the next level. Make it even more pleasant, remove everything that doesn’t make you feel good, and do more of what does.

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.
Hugh Jackman

What about you? Are you a coffee drinker?
Is it such an important part of your day? And how do you drink it?