Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~ Jim Rohn

Discipline is the one skill you need to master that will bring you optimum results. Actually, things you’ve never imagined you may achieve will become the norm for you.

But it’s not easy to have it in your life.

It takes time, consistency, dedication, a definite desire and a vision, and sacrifices need to be made.

It’s worth it, though.

What I want to talk about first is not how to become disciplined, but what that really looks like.

Many can’t really define it, and have a completely wrong perception of what it is. And thus don’t achieve it.

The problem is that we’re raised in a world of authorities, where individuality is judged, and where a certain path must be followed so that you can live your life normally and be approved by society.

If that’s what you want, go ahead. You may still be happy, as comfort, security (although an illusion) and contentment (in the form of instant gratification) will keep you satisfied.

But if you want more – like following your passion and doing what you love for a living, making your own rules and living by them, spending your days the way you like, being financially independent and having a powerful mindset and great habits – you need discipline.

Most people associate it with control, obeying what authorities say, restricting yourself from doing certain things, etc.

Add to that punishment, guilt, not expressing your opinion, feeling inferior to others, etc.

That’s the meaning of the discipline that’s ingrained in us in childhood.

Does it feel right?

If it does, then where’s the freedom , independence and the right to speak up in this whole thing?

Aren’t these the things that separate us from what the world was like 50 years ago?

If you have felt, at least once, that we’re on this planet to do more than just obey and play by some rules (set by those who have their own views and plans), that there’s more to life than the mundane lifestyle we’re taught to want to sustain, that our mission is not to be in control and do what is expected, but to thrive on our own terms, then keep reading.

Discipline does exist.

But to achieve it, we first need to let go of that common belief. To clear our minds from what we were told once, and to embrace the real face of discipline.

What discipline really looks like

Here's a Great Morning Routine to Get Anything Done in The Early Hours

Discipline goes together with self-control, willpower, strictness and consistency.
But in a completely different way.

So what is it?

You can find discipline:

• not in getting up early because you need to be at the office in 40 minutes, but waking up before dawn in order to do your morning routine, have time for yourself, practice willpower, prepare for the day without being in a hurry, have a workout, or just to drink your morning coffee and do some reading and writing without anyone bothering you;

• not in listening to your teacher at school and doing exactly what she says, but doing homework and being interested in projects even when school is over;

• not finishing the work you’re paid for, but going the extra mile and investing more time and effort in it, exceeding your boss’s expectations and actually being productive;

• not in trying bungee jumping because you’ll look cool in front of others and there will be many likes on social media, but because you want to break your limits, face your fears and see what life out of the comfort zone is all about;

• not finishing a book because everyone else has read it, but actually reading between the lines, understanding the author’s message, highlighting phrases that grabbed your attention, and then coming back to it every now and then to read them;

• it’s not discipline when you say you’ll do it tomorrow, but it is when you do it right away, overcoming that barrier inside you that makes you want to put off.

These are just a few random examples, but you see where I’m going here.

Self-discipline is all about doing what we don’t want to do, but noticing that, stopping for a moment, defining why it’s important to us, and then simply doing it. Every day.

It may sound like a nightmare to some, but it’s actually the only way to have some control over your life.

You’re a teacher and a student at the same time, that’s why you need to figure out what you want in life and how to get it, teach yourself to stop listening to others, stop doing what others do and start building character and mastering consistency.

5 Steps to Building The Habit of Consistency

1. Start.

Concentrate on just starting each day. Nothing else matters. That’s the only way to move forward. It’s not always easy, but it’s also not that hard, as you need to do just one simple thing each day.

2. Do a little.

Write for 10 minutes each day, or have another milestone – a page, few paragraphs, 300 words, etc. Easy as a piece of cake.

Soon you’ll have the habit of writing every day. From then on, you can make that time longer, and the number of words bigger.

3. Enjoy.

It’s the beautiful process of working on your goals and passion, creating, improving yourself, starting a habit and fighting your demons. Try to experience it and make it fun (by writing about something you enjoy, for example).

4. Believe.

Be sure you’ll succeed, have faith in your abilities and in what you do. You don’t need anyone else to support you or to even know that. Your dream will come true once you acquire the art of being consistent.

5. Make it goal number one.

Start the day with a positive attitude and know that it takes you a step closer to mastering the skill you want to be good at.

The real benefits of consistency can be felt over an extended period of practice. So you’ll need to be patient.

But as long as you’re enjoying the process, keeping it simple and doing something small each day, nothing can stop you.

So now it’s your turn.