What’s the thing you would never put up with?

Probably many things pop up in your mind right away.

I guess you’re doing everything you can not to have them in your life.

And it’s working… for now.

Then, I’ll ask you why do you put up with your fears and regrets? With a job you hate? With the relationship you’re in but don’t feel like it’s with the right person? With living by someone else’s standards? With doing things you don’t enjoy?

That’s exhausting.

Most people live terribly only because they think it’s easier for things to remain the same, even though they’re miserable, rather than fight for a change and be happy.

Here are some of the worst stuff we say ‘yes’ to every day and the action we can take to stop that:

10 of The Worst Things We Put Up With

1. A job we hate.

So many people these days are trapped in a working place they can’t stand, being with people they don’t like, in an environment that sucks the life out of them and, most importantly, they spend each day doing things they have no interest in and just pretend to be busy.

What you need to do is simply quit.

It takes courage and determination, and after that you’ll have to work hard on something you believe in so that you can make a decent income, but that’s the right thing to do.

2. Feeling inferior.

Our boss, teacher, parents, richer friends, authorities, famous people, etc. will keep acting like they are superior to us only if we keep thinking we are no one. This won’t stop until you take responsibility for your actions and realize the potential you have.

Believe in your abilities. Each person starts with an equal amount of potential.
But it’s your choice to decide how much of it you’ll use after that.

Remember that none of them can tell you what to do with your life. You are the only one who controls everything you do, say and think and no one can change that unless you let him.

3. Dreams.

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One day we’ll realize what we could have become and the things we could have achieved. We’ll just see that and it will be a sad day full of regrets.

Only then will we all understand that we should have worked on turning these dreams into reality.
It may take time, dedication, sacrifices, energy, efforts, or else, but it’s always worth it to give everything you have for what you believe in.

It’s high time we stop putting up with our dreams being only dreams and not doing anything about them.

What to do? Well, start right away.

If you have a dream, then it will take a bit of thinking and brainstorming before you take it any further, but beginnings can be small and simple. Stay focused on your goal and if you really want it and are ready to work for it, you’ll soon see progress.

4. Fear.

Now that is a serious issue. We live in fear. We’re scared of almost anything – losing our job, failing, being alone, talking to new people, trying new things, achieving our goals, showing our emotions, speaking out, following our passion, taking risks, making decisions, doing something wrong, ending up without a house, money, partner and so on.

The sad thing is that we put up with all these and they prevent us from living freely and happily, from becoming the person we’re meant to be and chasing our goals.

Dealing with fear is not an easy thing. Actually the steps are simple but not easy, and not many people are willing to take them.

But the ones who do, well, I think we’ve all heard of them because they all became successful and left a great legacy.

You simply need to do the things that scare you so that you can overcome fear. Or you can try to analyze it and understand how ridiculous it was in the first place. After that, let it go.

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5. Living in the past.

We keep going back to all the bad times, mistakes, failures and things we could have done differently. We’re slowly killing our future and definitely ruining our present by doing this.

So I suggest you let go of the past, accept it and take all the lessons with you.

6. Bad relationships.

Some people are so afraid of being alone, or think they don’t deserve much, that they stay in a relationship in which their partner treats them badly.

I know couples who don’t love each other but are staying together, pretending to be a family just because it’s easier this way. That affects their children and stands in the way of having a normal life.

So if you’re in a relationship like that – get out of it. It’s taking you nowhere.
Just let the person go and most importantly – let the idea of you two being together go.

7. Being average.

One of the worst things a person can be.

This is equal to being a part of the crowd, with no opinion, no desire to change, living in fears and worries. To never finding the right moment to do something different and have a life worth living.

And if you’re thinking of ways how not to be average, well just get out there, speak up and follow your dreams.
Or simply do what others are afraid of.

8. Waiting.

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We wait. All the time. For everything. And the worst thing is that the right moment never comes.

Some people wait for the right time to quit their job, to have a baby or move somewhere else.
Others wait for the person they love to answer their feelings.
The writers that never get published wait for years before finishing their book, then even longer before they send it to a publisher.

The problem is that so many things are wasted this way and so many opportunities are missed.

The only thing you can do to get out of this constant waiting and the regrets that follow it is to act now.
Do whatever it is you have to do right away.

9. Comfort zone.

Another thing that is killing us. We can never experience something new or achieve a goal while doing the same old things in the same way and not moving forward.

Going out of the comfort zone can happen by doing new things, facing stuff you’re scared of and just trying everything that feels a bit uncomfortable.

10. Less.

I’m usually for the ‘less’ of everything.

We need less stuff, less information, less stress, less food and worries. But when it comes down to putting up with having less than we want, I say you must do something.

Poor people will hardly get any richer if they keep the attitude they have – they think money is for the lucky ones, it’s something bad, that they will always stay poor and so on. They settle for what the situation is and never do anything to change it.

Others live in small apartments only because they can’t even imagine they can live in a big house some day.

The thing is that you can have anything you want in the amount you want it.

What you need to do is believe you can have it, work hard and focus on that every single day.

These are just a small part of all the things we put up with.

Some people spend their whole life doing that and it never ends well.

I suggest you do what it takes to change things now so that you can live the rest of it in the way you deserve – being happy, contented and doing the things you love.

Does any of these 10 sound familiar to your?
What do you put up with? Why? What can you do about it today?

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