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zen morning to find peace

For most people early mornings are the worst time of the day – they start with waking up in an awful mood, being in a hurry as there’s not enough time to get ready, craving coffee, not eating, leaving the house in a rush and often forgetting something.

Basically, the very first thought of their day is negative. And that defines the rest of it.

But for me, the early morning is a sacred time. It’s full of magic, inspiration and peace.

And here’s how you can have that approach too:

Creating a Zen Morning Routine for a Lovely Start of The Day

1. Wake up earlier.

Whatever the time you need to leave is, wake up at least 2 hours earlier. Or more.

This will give you just enough time to do the things you choose to do slowly, not to be stressed and overwhelmed.

2. Greet the day.

When you open your eyes, smile. It’s a new day and it’s given to you. You can do whatever you want with it.

3. Appreciate the opportunity.

Thank for everything you have right now.

You don’t need to say or write down anything, but it’s more than enough to feel it.

Simply look around and realize the abundance you live in.

Ignore everything you want or think you need to have, stop thinking about what’s missing in your life.
Instead, see what is already there. It’s your reality. It’s your present.

4. Make a routine combining some pleasant activities.

First keep in mind this: You don’t have to do anything, it’s because you want to, because you deserve this peaceful time for yourself, because you want to find inspiration and joy before the day has even started.

And don’t try to fit all the healthy habits you’ve ever heard of in one hour. Don’t put any effort. Just let it be a natural process.

It’s better not to call it a morning routine at all.

It’s just another label that carries expectations, comparison and judging (you’ve read about morning rituals and know how others are doing it), past failures (failed attempts to become a morning person and do all this).

So let go of that.

And if you want to define what you’re doing, say it this way: I’m getting up early to welcome the day, I then spend the first hour doing pleasant activities I find inspirational.

If you try to add a workout, a healthy breakfast, mediation, planning your day, shower, checking email, reading, writing, and other things, you’ll end up being overwhelmed.

And the point of a zen morning is just the opposite – to do what feels right, to act slowly and find peace.

So instead of trying to be successful by implementing such a routine with many elements, choose just 2 or 3 of these actions, but do them with focus, experience them fully.

They should be the ones that you feel like doing, know would make you feel good for the rest of the day, will let you relax while getting things done or learning at the same time.

5. Don’t try too hard. Go with the flow.

Some people try too hard, and end up having another hectic morning – just a bunch of activities they think they should do, but which feel like an obligation.

No. It must be something you’ll look forward to from the night before.

So even reading the paper with a cup of coffee will be a much better choice than an intense workout, if it brings you peace and you find joy in it.

Also, don’t put too much effort into trying to do meaningful stuff.
Instead, choose one little action and make it mean a lot by letting it inspire you for the whole day.

What Makes The Zen Morning Peaceful

The things that actually bring peace are:

quietness – the nature too wakes up, but people are still sleeping. So now is the time to feel relaxed; and not alone, but in peace;

solitude – there’s no one to disturb you, no distractions in the form of notifications or noises, even no unnecessary thoughts in your head as you got up earlier and don’t have to do anything else right now;

it’s your sacred time – you earned it. No one else will know what your zen morning is all about. It’s time only for yourself, and you can do whatever you feel like;

creativity – it’s also the perfect moment to do some creative work. Some reading or writing is a great choice to get inspired;

no rush – a great advantage of this lovely morning ritual is that you’ll be doing things slowly. Nothing will make you hurry up as it’s only you and the morning.

Sounds beautiful, right?

I’m sure many who haven’t tried it, don’t really believe such peace exists. Especially not in the same place they rush out the door for work every day.

But it does.

And it’s simple and easy. Try it for yourself.

In the long term, such a lovely zen morning can change you as a person, and make your life more pleasant, peaceful and full of gratitude.

What about your morning? Is it anything like this?
Are you willing to try these methods of finding peace in the early hours of the day?

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