Shooting Stars: The Deeper Meaning Behind Making a Wish

make a wish

Some time ago I wrote a post where I asked you to imagine this: we see a shooting star, many desires come to our mind and while trying to choose what we want the most, we end up with empty hands, as the star is gone and we haven’t made a wish.

That example shows that most of the time we don’t really know what we want in life.

And being clear about that is one of the most important steps to actually achieving anything.

The Meaning of Falling Stars

People spend too much time trying to analyze why they saw that phenomenon in the sky.

We know it’s a rare thing and it makes us feel special, we think it’s either luck, destiny, a sign that something big is going to happen, etc.

All this sounds beautiful, yes. But there’s a deeper meaning behind this whole situation that is simple psychology.

It doesn’t really matter why you saw the shooting star, it’s just how nature works and you happened to be there at that time.
But there’s a lot you can learn about yourself.

And what’s more important than getting to know your inner self?!

The thing is, this little star is just a star. But the fact that you stopped to look at it and so many thoughts popped up in your head, contains a lot of valuable information.

It means that you’re not happy with where you are in your life now. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have wondered what to wish for.

It means that you aren’t sure about the things you want, and especially what you want the most.

And, sadly, you can’t really get it if you’re not sure. Because there’s nothing to focus on, no vision and purpose, no steps to take and no path to follow.

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The deeper meaning behind your wish

It means you have hope, but also that you feel out of control.

Gazing at the sky, looking at that one star and wishing something, shows that you’re in need and because you don’t think you can get what you want yourself, you turn to outer sources. How ridiculous is that?

Instead, you should be absolutely sure in your powers, potential and abilities.

You already have all it takes to be whoever you wish to be. No need to make wishes, focused action is what you need more of.

The importance of knowing what you want

It’s good that you still have hope. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be wishing anything.

And hope is what saves us when we’re on the verge of giving up.

But giving up is not an option.

Whatever it is that you’ve been through, it made you stronger, wiser, more experienced and showed you what doesn’t work. Now you can move forward exploring other options, and eventually finding the one that works.

Knowing exactly what you want in life is crucial.

So I suggest you sit down, figure out what you desire, imagine the ideal lifestyle and then make a step-by-step plan on how to get there.

It’s far from impossible. It just takes time, dedication, hard work and consistency.

Simple, but not easy.

And that’s why so many choose to give up and go back to living the mundane everyday life.

But you don’t need to be one of them.

You don’t need to be the person who never reaches his potential and keeps waiting for shooting stars to show up so that he can find hope again.

You simply need to be clear about what you want in life. To define it, say it out loud, write it down and repeat it every day in the mirror.

That’s the deeper meaning behind shooting stars. That’s how they can help us see where we are in life.

Contemplate on that a bit more, then move onto deciding what you want to do with your life.

The path is waiting. And only you can walk it.

How do you feel about shooting stars?
Have you ever seen one? Did you wish anything?

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