Here's a Great Morning Routine to Get Anything Done in The Early Hours

I’ve already said a lot about morning routines in previous posts.

I shared the benefits, what such a ritual includes, my current one, created a simple step-by-step infographic.

But there are people who want to build a successful morning ritual, but who have some incorrect information about it.

So I decided to outline the myths and misconceptions.

4 Myths about Morning Routines

1. You think you’ve never had a morning routine before.

Wrong. You already have it, it’s just a bad one.

So the next step is not to create a whole new thing in your life, but to change an existing habit.

And building a powerful ritual that will jumpstart your day and make you productive, will happen by adding elements (one at a time) to your first hour or so of the day.

2. You think you need to get up super early.

Often what stops people from even trying to implement this successful method of achieving more and getting things done is the whole wake-up-early thing.

And yes, the earlier you get out of bed, the better. That’s because you’ll have more time, will start your day earlier and thus finish it earlier, can make the most of the early hours, etc.

But that’s not a must. It’s just something you’ll be improving over time.

So get up at 10 if you want (like Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, does), but still do some healthy, energizing, positive and successful activities after that.

And after some time, you’ll see for yourself that you can get even better results if you start getting up earlier.

3. You think you don’t have time for a morning routine.

That’s simply an excuse. A big one, and if you say it now, then you’re probably using it for many others things in life that you find hard.

People who have this approach must then be considered busy. But the truth is that they just don’t want to make time.

Almost everyone spends time on the Internet these days, random chats, watching TV, or just doing nothing.

Our days are filled with unproductive activities, and yet we keep finding reasons to procrastinate when it comes down to what’s really important.

And you don’t need to have time. You can find it or create it.

Call it whatever you like – but it’s simply prioritizing and eliminating the non-essential in order to make time for a morning routine.

So even if you’re super busy and can’t spare a minute of your day, you can still sleep half an hour less and use it to have a quick but powerful and productive morning ritual.

4. You think it will take too much effort.

Actually, it may include just one or two things that take no more than 5 minutes.

You may get out of bed, stretch and drink a glass of water. That’s a mini routine and can still improve your life and help you build discipline.

So now you know that these 4 aren’t barriers on your way to developing one of the greatest habits.

If you can think of anything else that stops you from building it, share it in the comments below.
Maybe I’ll be able to debug that myth too.