Behind every successful person is their journey to reach their full potential.

Many of us wander through life wishing we could be better, do better and live better, but many never find the drive to truly discover themselves and the magic within. Some people are born with an instinct or talent that is nurtured; however a lot of people encounter their best qualities and talents later on in life.

Subconsciously and consciously, we grow as people each and every day through the experiences we have and the people we meet; however there is always some area in our lives where we feel could be better.

It may be that your life has come to a halt. You may be under pressure at work or simply want to shine and become the person you know you can be.

A question that is helpful to ask yourself at this stage is “Do I want to be here in five years?

Improving yourself and being the best you can be allows others to see and value your own unique and amazing qualities, welcoming success and giving you a sense of self-fulfilment.

Failure and Success

Fear stops most people from achieving.

Everyone has hopes and dreams but when it comes to being daring or sticking out from the crowd, fear stops us.
It is human nature to want to succeed and our own society pressures us to achieve and win, failure usually holding the hands of disappointment and consequence.

It is important to understand that failing is natural and expected and we are all only human, therefore to simply learn from your mistakes, move on and try again. Accept your flaws.

We often:

• resist change;
• fear rejection;
• fear becoming someone else;
• fear risk taking;
• are afraid of being let down;
have a fear of failing or succeeding;
• get negative feedback from others that can also internalize within, outside factors such as people, situations, etc. can hold us back.

In the words of D. Roosevelt, “…the only thing to fear is fear itself”.

Success, however, is different for many people and can present itself in the smallest and largest of ways, anything from finishing that book you have been reading for so long, to becoming world famous and earning lots of money.

You should begin by taking small steps to achieve small things, things that you would consider to be minor successes, working your way up and accepting mistakes.

The Road to Self-fulfillment

In order to reach your full potential, you first need to determine what that is and what you want to succeed in.

Are you heading towards a career upgrade? Improved social skills? Healthier lifestyle?

You first need to create positivity and take an optimistic approach, harboring confidence – everyone has it inside themselves somewhere, no matter how deeply buried.

Be aware that your mind is your best asset and a strong mentality can get you where you want to go, therefore achieving your full potential starts with mental clarity and being inspired.

Working on your people skills can help in the long run too.

Do you avoid socializing? Smile and be polite to fellow colleagues or help a friend out.
Positivity attracts positivity and you can also ask others for feedback.


Be healthy. Eating good food and drinking lots of water gives you the energy and nutrients your body needs to function properly. Certain foods can also boost mental activity, fight depression, anxiety and give you more overall vitality, leaving you feeling good.

Exercise is also crucial as being in good physical shape helps boost energy and give you a positive image of yourself.

You will notice a massive difference in everyday performance and feelings after switching your junk food for fresh fruit and veg.


Challenge yourself and raise your standards. You should practice getting out of your comfort zone as real growth comes with hard work and challenges help you better yourself.

Finding a passion and a purpose creates momentum in your life.

Whether it is a hobby, belief or an end goal, by allowing yourself to be carried away and immersed, passion can help you achieve great things.

When you are passionate about something, you will do whatever you need to do in order to achieve and you are less likely to give up.

Start a new hobby or start something new. Often, self-esteem boosting comes from learning new skills and achieving, no matter how big or small. Reading books is also a great concentrated source of wisdom which can stimulate the creative side of your brain as well as your imagination.

So that’s what potential is all about. You already have what it takes to become the best version of yourself. You just need to understand the real meaning of success and failure, learn to explore yourself and get to know your fears and desires.

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What will you do today to get closer to achieving your full potential?

About The Author

This is a guest post by Laura Morrissey. She is a content writer for Disc Assessment, a tool used for behavioural and personality assessments. She shares tips for self-improvement and how to reach success through tapping into one’s personal strengths.