Why Simplicity is The Solution for Getting Rid of Stress (and How to Do It)

How To Live A Balanced Life: 8 Simple Tips to Drastically Improve Your Lifestyle

One of the things we fear the most is stress.
One of the things we constantly worry about is bringing more stress into our lives.
One of the things we think about every day is how to reduce stress.

The result is that we connect stress with many other negative emotions and thinking about it itself is what makes things worse.

Stress alone is just a concept and it becomes real only when we give it meaning. It’s an emotion and the more attention we pay to it, the bigger the role it plays in our lives. It is a state in which we end up being only when we decide so.

So you see, it’s all an illusion. It’s all in our control. And it’s all simple.

To help you understand that, I’ve explained some basic principles of minimalism and things from our daily round that we often forget, being influenced by the society and media that tell us there is just so much stress around us.

We complicate life too much.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius

I’ll say something I’ve said many times before. Life is meant to be simple. We are the ones that make it complex. Because people cause problems, and thus comes stress.

Communication is easy. Or at least is supposed to be. But then man discovered lies, gossip, hints, complex words and long stories with unnecessary details. That was followed by misunderstanding, doubt, negativism and talking behind someone’s back.

All this is a sure way to ruin relationships, worsen your social life, lose friends and self-respect, and of course stress.
But you can change things. You can be honest, speak directly, share what you think by trying to help people. You can listen carefully and speak slowly and with passion. You can eliminate all the negative words from your vocabulary and stop being wordy.

This way communication will be simple, easy and pleasant. People will love your company and you will no longer feel stressed after having talked with someone.

We also tend to make other aspects of life way too complicated than they actually are. Living in general is easy. Going to school, to work, doing daily tasks, meeting people, learning new things, doing housework and every other activity is not complex. It requires us to do something, to go somewhere, or else, and what makes us stress over it is our mind.

So stop being so negative about everything. Just go with the flow, do it consciously, be excited about it. Don’t let mundane life prevent you from unleashing your true potential and living your legend.

We think too much and forget to live now.

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“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” ~ Buddha

We tend to overanalyze things before they have even happened. We attach great importance to insignificant things and thus make them big.

We see the problems, but instead we should see the possibilities. We pay attention to the little details and give meaning to everything people say or do. Thinking too much simply makes things worse and we end up living in a false understanding of the world around us.

We think about the past and get sad. Then we start planning our future and get worried. Eventually we end up stressing over unreal things that are far away from reality.

I suggest you relax, breathe deeply and stop analyzing every event, person, dialogue or thing in your life. Just live. Feel the freedom of emptying your mind and focusing on the present. Enjoy what is happening now.

The more things we possess, the more stressed we are.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” ~ William Morris

Just think about it. Having a car is supposed to be something that makes our life more comfortable. But it also brings many unwanted problems.
We may run out of fuel when we are in a hurry. Every minute it may need repairs. If more than one person of the household needs it at the same moment, that could cause arguments.

You see how this possession brings many negatives too. Now imagine having a second car and double all these worries. Not to mention that you’ll have the fear of having an accident, and the constant need to be concentrated while driving is also stressful.

It’s the same with all other objects in our home most of which are unnecessary.

Having many clothes takes time when deciding what to wear. It also makes us want to have more because at some point what we have seems far from enough.

What you need to do to simplify your life and live peacefully is to eliminate the unessential.

Give away the clothes you don’t wear, the furniture that only takes space, the books you won’t read again, the toys and so on.
I’m sure there are many things in your home that haven’t been used in the past year or are bought for a rainy day. You don’t need them.

We stress over the countless desires we have.

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“Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.” ~ Lao Tzu

The more we want, the less we appreciate what we have. Desiring many things is exhausting and leads to other negative emotions like discontentment, jealousy, sadness and stress.

The problem is that we focus on what we don’t have. And according to the law of attraction, it increases.
Instead, we should concentrate on the things we possess, the people we have in our life and the many beautiful things we experience. With appreciation and gratefulness they will increase and we will have more of what makes us happy.

Multitasking is killing us.

“The waste of life occasioned by trying to do too many things at once is appalling.” ~ Orison Marden

Doing many things at once is just not natural. We can’t handle it. We do each of them worse, and actually waste more time rather than saving some. And we think about each of them, which causes stress.

That is why we should embrace simplicity by doing one thing at a time. This way we can concentrate on it, focus, do it slowly, give our best, and perform much better. The end result will make us happy and satisfied and once we’ve finished it, we can move on to the next thing on our list.

I hope you can now admit to yourself that you are the one who brings stress into your life. You’ve also realized how that happened and what to do about it. It’s time to act then.

Also don’t forget to breathe deeply, to take your time to relax and do the things you enjoy. Take pleasure in every activity and have a positive attitude about life. And stress will no longer be a problem for you.

Does stress play a big role in your life right now? How do you deal with it?

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4 Tips for Newlyweds to Manage Their Finances Flawlessly

4 Tip for Newlyweds to Manage Their Finances Flawlessly

June is around the corner!

What does it remind you?

Isn’t it the smell of champagne and roses?

Yes! It’s again the time to rejoice the cheerful wedding bells. So, if you are planning to tie the knot soon, congratulations!

Howbeit, preparations for the wedding day might be making you worried over these months. Whether it is about picking up the wedding dress or booking a caterer for the wedding feast, your finance is moving upside down!

But, wait!

Don’t think that such monetary hotchpotch will come to an end after the wedding day. There’s still a long way to go! You and your partner are going to spend your entire life together. So, both of you have to practically start thinking about how to manage money.

No! I am definitely not scaring you! It is just that the approach in which you’ve been handling finance till now have to change now. After marriage, it’s not just you, it’s about you and your partner living together.

So, it is required for you to understand the basic know-hows effectively.

Read on to get an idea. 

1. A Serious Talk on Pecuniary Goals and Habits

You both are staying together, it’s essential to know each other’s financial point of views. Especially, you can remind your parents in such a situation. For example, how your parents used to manage money, when they used to pay the bills, what have been their successful financial decisions, and so on. It will let you both curate your financial life perfectly.

Also, you need to discuss your habits when it comes to managing money. Whether you are a saver or spender, how you usually decide on purchasing something, what your reaction will be if there is a sudden financial loss etc.

Once you are done with understanding each other’s habits, figure out a suitable way to manage money, and that’s it!

2. Stick to Your Budget.

When it’s about spending money, be cautious and stick to your plan. Let no any indulgence drive you towards unnecessary expenses. You and your partner both should cultivate this habit to save remarkably.

Moreover, you’ve to always look for smarter ways to save your hard-earned dollars. For example, learn how you should use things limitedly for household chores, how you can save on shopping etc.

One of the smartest ideas could be grabbing the lucrative discounts and coupons while purchasing everything, whether it is a small household stuff or any prominent furniture or jewellery. Additionally, there are a number of such exhilarating websites now which can let you always fetch the right discount at the right time!

Browse through the websites like Dealslands and many such others present around, you’ll definitely start believing in what I mentioned above. 

3. Numbers Are Important.

When it comes to managing finances together, you and your partner should share every related information. You should start with tallying up your asset and debts. Next, just subtract the debts from assets to determine your self-worth. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to inform your income to each other.

The conversation between you both should be open and honest. There should remain no scope for any hidden fact. The more transparently you will talk, the more perfect your financial plan will be.

4. How Do Your Budgetary Habits Differ from Your Partner’s?

It is very important for you to figure out the difference between how you and your partner think about money.

Try to find out the agreeable amount of saving for you both. You should understand what his/her priority is when it comes to paying off the debts or spending on quality things, what money saving traditions that he/she thinks are absolutely non-negotiable, and so on.

Once you have a clearer idea, an impeccable plan for managing your bucks will be ready! 

This is how you need to start planning your finances together to attain unparalleled results. Initially, it might be quite unnatural for you to understand the aforementioned facts. Well, it’s nothing wrong with that! You are new to this life.

However, don’t lag behind in following these tips in future. Thus, to manage finance as a family will not be tough at all!

About The Author

Arina is the marketing manager at DealsLands, coupons and discounts provider company. She is passionate about fashion, make-up, beauty treatment and lifestyle. In addition, Arina also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

You and your partner need to discuss your habits when it comes to managing money. Once you are done with understanding each other's financial habits, you can figure out a suitable way to handle savings, expenses, budgeting, and more. Here are four great tips for newlyweds: #moneymanagement #newcouple #newlywed #moneytips