It’s worth spending hours, days and weeks to figure out what you want in life, to make an action plan, to set specific goals and analyze the things that may come your way.

That’s a great thing to do as so many people live their whole life without ever having defined their biggest desire, without a direction and a path to follow.

And, of course, such life ends nowhere. No mark is left in the world after this person is gone.

So saying out loud the things you want, accepting them as your definite goals and doing something about them each day gives your life a sense of purpose.

And purpose-driven people are the ones that have the chance to achieve great things. Or, at least to lead the ideal lifestyle.

And that’s the kind of a lifestyle I want to talk about right now.

It’s worth defining exactly how you want your days to look like in the future, and to slowly start implementing habits, changing things, eliminating people, improving qualities and skills so that you can become the person that will manage the success and responsibilities that go with it.
But another thing that’s also key, is being aware of what you don’t want.

Here’s what I mean by that:

  • the things you do now that you don’t want to do (a job you don’t like, having to deal with your finances by yourself, cleaning your apartment, having people telling you what to do, working for someone else, having to get up too early, etc.);
  • the things about yourself you don’t like (not being fit, not finding the willpower to go to the gym at least a few times each week, spending too much time on social media, being dependent on your phone, and other bad habits and qualities);
  • the thoughts in your head that shouldn’t be there (worrying that you might get fired, fear of failure, having doubts, comparing yourself to others, and other mental habits that aren’t doing you any good).

All these are different for each person.

The one thing in common, though, is that we don’t want to be that person, to think like that or to do these things when we imagine our ideal lifestyle.

What to do then?

Simply start working on these.

Start building good habits, kicking bad ones, and developing discipline. That takes a lot of time, but has mind-blowing results in each area of your life.

Then, start noticing your negative thoughts. Learn how to let go of them and focus on your goals, instead.
Find ways to get rid of the activities you don’t enjoy and the people you don’t like.

Having things you don’t want in your life right now is a good thing. It gives birth to your desire to get rid of them, to change, to do something about reaching the life you want.

And analyzing the things you don’t like that you currently do or have, is a great start. It lets you know what needs to be changed, and that’s how your transformation begins.

So appreciate it!

And go do something about it today.

Once you know what is necessary to live the kind of life you want, bold action is required. Take your time thinking about these matters, but don’t be slow in acting on them – once you’ve thought things out.
Harry Browne

Here’s what Rob from Making It Anywhere says about that here:

“Your life is the way it is now because of the accumulation of thousands of decisions that you made over time because you thought they would make you happy. If you ended up somewhere that you don’t want to be, it’s far more effective to just cut yourself free rather than try to gradually unpick the knot of your life so far.

Browne says that if you use your current life as the starting point, it’s all too easy to rationalise every part of it as essential and unchangeable. Instead, you should start with your dream life as the standard – and eliminate any part of your current life that doesn’t fit the dream.

Start by imagining yourself stripped of all responsibilities and constraints – starting from scratch with everything up for grabs. Think about what you would do if you were in this position: where you’d live, what you’d do, who you’d be with.

Then think about your life as it is now. Everything that’s in your current life that doesn’t appear in your dream life needs to go – making space for what you dream of having in its place. For each item you need to remove, there will be a price to pay – whether it’s money, time or social standing – but the sooner you pay the price and move on, the cheaper it will be.”

Are there such things in your life? Activities, people, qualities, thoughts? Do you think that getting rid of them will clear your path to the ideal lifestyle?

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