Imagine having 700 extra hours each year. What would you do with that time?

That’s beside your working hours, time for chores, meals, family stuff and unpredicted situations. It’s just more time on your hands and you can do whatever you want with it.

What if you decided to spend it working on a personal project? Something you’ve been planning for a long time, that may turn out to be your million dollar idea and change your lifestyle forever.

Well, it’s quite possible.

And the first step is to create that time.

The best way to get 2 extra hours a day is to get up earlier. Even if you can’t go to bed early and have stuff to do, you can still sacrifice 2 hours of sleep.

Most of us sleep more than we need. And it makes us lazier.
Six hours is more than enough to get the rest you need. And if you’re up and running at 5, you can do great things with your life.

Then, of course, comes the purpose.

You need to actually have at least a vague idea, a plan, something you want to get done, a change you want to make.
And then get up insanely early each day and spend 2 hours working on it.

Most people need to be at the office around 8, or 9. And so they usually start their day at 7, spend the next half an hour in a hurry and somehow drag themselves to work.

But that’s not how big things happen.

What you can do, however, is start getting up at 5, and use that time for focused and productive work. As it’s the only part of the day where there aren’t any distractions, people and notifications aren’t fighting for your attention, there are no other things you should be doing and thus you can fully concentrate.

Having something in mind that you want to work on is what will make you get out of bed that early.

Your definite desire must be strong, it’s your direction, your driving force, your way to achieve more and live the life you deserve.

And if what you need to do is start getting up 2 hours earlier than you do now, then that’s what you’ll do.

That’s what all successful people do. All the CEOs you read about all the time, for example. They start the day long before others open their eyes, and hustle till the evening.

The hard part is building the habit of starting your day before dawn. The rest is all about reminding yourself of your goal constantly and being consistent.

This way you can have 700 extra hours per year. And in that time a whole winning business model can be created from scratch. Why can’t it be yours?

So what would you do with that extra time? How will you spend it? And what stops you from getting up 2 hours earlier?

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