How to Make Your Morning Pages a Pleasant Experience

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You’ve probably heard of the morning pages exercise – the successful technique many people do first thing in the morning.

It’s nothing more than sitting down to write a few pages by hand, clear your mind and get positive about the following day. And that has a great effect on so many areas of your life.

What makes people give up soon after they’ve started, though, is that they find it boring. They feel like nothing interesting is happening, see it as an obligation – something they want to get done quickly so that they can move on with their days.

But it doesn’t need to be like that.

You can make the morning pages practice a unique experience, something to look forward to from the evening before. It can be exciting, inspirational and thus super effective.

Here’s how:

How to Make Your Morning Pages Pleasant

1. Know you’re doing it for yourself.

Always remind yourself of why you want to make it a habit:

• it’s one of the best ways to start the day;
• you improve your writing and creative thinking;
• many successful people are doing it;
• it’s beneficial to your health, peace of mind, awareness and ability to express yourself;
• you want to be more relaxed and less stressed and writing first thing in the morning can help you with that;
• it’s also a therapy for you – you describe the stuff that’s bothering you, admit your deepest fears and desires by putting them in writing.

2. Combine it with something you enjoy.

You can add some music, or read a favorite book for a while before you get to writing.

It also goes together with slowly drinking your morning cup of coffee. Or listening to the radio.

3. Choose an interesting topic to write about.

If you’ve never written fiction or poetry, try it. No one’s going to judge you as you’ll be the only one seeing the content. And you don’t even need to come back to it ever again.

Just go with the flow and write whatever comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to use big words, don’t follow any rules, don’t think about grammar.

Just see what your imagination can come up with.

Now it doesn’t sound that boring, right?

What other ways to make morning pages more exciting can you think of?


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