8 Risks in Life Everyone Needs to Take

risks in life worth taking

That’s an article I wrote for Be Limitless. You can read the whole post here.

Everything that’s uncertain, new, a bit scary, adventurous, or not proven, is a risk.
We’re living in a world where mediocrity is the norm. And anything out of the ordinary is considered bad, crazy, weird, etc.
But it’s also what successful people have done, what independent entrepreneurs, digital nomads, extraordinary people and passionate artists are doing every single day. So it must lead to a happy, meaningful and peaceful life.
And in order to be one of them, you’ll need to take risks. You’ll need to get out of your comfort zone, break free from the chains, leave the old you behind and go out there.

Here are the risks in life that are worth taking:

1. Giving that relationship a chance.
2. Starting your own business.
3. Bungee jumping.
4. Being brutally honest.
5. Speaking up.
6. Trying something new.
7. Traveling.
8. Doing the wrong thing.

So which of these 8 have you done? And, what other risks are there in life that we must take in order to change, grow and achieve more?
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