Writing in the morning is a habit all successful people share.

Writing down roughly 3 pages right after you wake up is a sure way to make your whole day better. You’ll be energized, motivated and inspired, and will get more done without being stressed.

That’s the morning pages exercise.

It’s quite simple – you open your eyes in the early morning, grab a notebook (you can type too) and put your dreams, fears and worries, or just current thoughts on paper.

Let’s look at this practice in details now and see what we need to do in order to make the most of it.

Why The Morning is The Best Time to Write?

I, like many others, have tested different versions of doing morning pages. And the beginning of the day always proves to be the best possible time for that.

The earlier you get up, the better. And it’s really important to be serious about doing this and put it before everything else.

Here’s why I suggest you do it right after you wake up:

• the benefits of being an early riser are many and even by only doing this, you can become more successful in general;
• doing morning pages first thing in the morning means not letting anything that comes later in the day get in the way of your writing;
• your mind is susceptible to whatever you indulge it in first and such an inspiring activity is a great choice;
• there won’t be any noises or people interrupting you and so you’ll be able to think more clearly and focus easily;
• you can turn that into a whole morning routine by simply spending some time meditating, adding a healthy breakfast and a quick workout after your morning pages;
• you won’t be exhausted as you’d be in the end of the day;
• your creative energy is at its highest level;
• your willpower hasn’t been used for anything else yet and you can get up early and write down a few pages without any hesitation;
• you build discipline over time.

What to Write About?

A great way to start the day is to write down things that will make it successful. Make a list of what you can do today to be super productive, to improve yourself and your life, to get closer to your goals.

Describe your ideal lifestyle, if you feel like it. I believe that if you do it every morning, you’ll start visualizing it more clearly too, and new opportunities will start coming your way that, if taken, can soon make this dream life a reality.

You can write about whatever comes to mind, if you can’t really think of anything else.
Just put pen to paper and ideas will start popping up in your head.

If you want to begin the day in a positive way, make a list of the stuff you have in your life that you’re grateful for. Thank for it, feel the abundance you live in, and let it raise your level of happiness.

In time, this exercise improves your imagination, creative thinking and writing.

How Long Should Your Morning Pages Be?

Having a hard time writing your first sentence is normal if you’re just starting. So don’t feel bad if you can only come up with a few paragraphs in the first week or so.

A solution to that is to think of a few positive affirmations (simple optimistic statements about you as a person and your life in general) and use them as a starting point every morning.
Then, you’ll be able to write for longer periods.

You should aim for 750 words, which is roughly 3 pages.

That’s considered enough to let you clear your mind, feel better and be ready to jumpstart the day.

How Writing in The Morning Makes Your Day Better?

The benefits are many. Here are some ways in which this practice improves your whole day:


Journaling your thoughts and clearing your mind brings some peace in your day. And you enjoy the early morning, the silence and calmness it has.

Do this daily and you’ll find yourself being less stressed and overwhelmed, dealing with other people and problems during the day more easily.

In a nutshell, you’ll have a sense of peace with you wherever you go.


Getting up early itself is a way to kickstart the morning and feel energized and ready to do stuff.

And if the first thing you actually do is a powerful exercise like doing morning pages, this creates a momentum in your day and you’re ready to jump onto the most important tasks on your to-do list.


If you manage to build the habit of writing first thing in the morning, you also make it easier for you to develop other successful habits.
You improve your discipline and willpower.

Some of the results of this exercise also include being focused, becoming more expressive and thus improving your relationships, getting clear about what you want in life, generating ideas and unlocking your creativity and potential.
And all that can be the reason you become a better person and move forward to your goals.

So what do you think? Will you give writing in the morning a try? And do you think 750 words a day can change your life?