How to Embrace Losing to See What Truly Matters in Life

embrace losing to see what truly matters in life

That’s a guest post I wrote for DumbLittleMan. You can read the whole article here.

It’s a bit more philosophical, and in a few paragraphs I try to give my opinion about what causes loss, how to go beyond attachment and see what’s really important in life, how letting go frees us from the burden of everyday life and we can finally enjoy each and every day.

What’s wrong with being a loser? And aren’t we all?

After all, everything is temporary outside of us and eventually we’ll lose it.

Losing is basically having less, but you actually gain more freedom. The more you let go, the freer and happier you become.

Here are a few things about losing you should consider:

•it comes from attachment – we get attached to so many things, people, places, activities, memories, etc. And the moment we do that we start paying too much attention to them, thinking they make us happier and life is unthinkable without them, that they give meaning to our days and we put all our energy and focus into that.

And when we lose what we hold on to, the pain is indescribable.

•in the end we lose it all – the material stuff we have becomes someone else’s belongings, our wealth goes somewhere else, someone else takes our position at work, and eventually we lose our life

•letting go of attachment will prevent us from losing – reducing desires, realizing that we don’t need another person to feel complete and we ourselves are good enough and seeing objects just as temporary things we own, is what can save us from the devastation we feel when we lose something that’s important to us.

Practicing letting go of attachment will help you not to become a wreck when someone you love leaves you, you lose a relative, or money, or your job.

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