Morning Routine Poll: Results

morning routine poll results

Some time ago I created a survey about your morning ritual and posted it on the blog. Now I’ll summarize the results.

I asked 10 questions about different aspects of how you start your day. You can see the answers by clicking ‘Results’ at the bottom of each question.

1. How long have you stuck with your current morning routine?

The conclusion here is quite positive. Almost 40% of the people have been doing the same morning routine for years, while another 25% – for months.

It’s not a bad thing to make changes every now and then, though, as we tend to get quite used to habits we’ve had for years and do them on autopilot or aren’t mindful of the current activity just because we’re not excited about it anymore.

But if you’ve found the morning ritual that works best for you and are satisfied with the results, great!

2. What time does it start?

The winning answer is 5 am (or earlier). That’s fantastic! As I believe it’s not because of work, but because you’ve decided to get up earlier and have more time for yourself and to do some healthy and successful habits.

The other popular answers are 6 and 7 am.

3. How long does the whole routine take?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, as even 15 minutes of positive energy and creative activities can be quite life-changing in the long term.

Newbies tend to find a hard time doing all these successful things we’re talking about, and just find the time for one or two. Which is also fine.

The two answers with most votes are 1 h and 1.30 h. That’s amazing! It means that you’re probably having a quick workout, spend some time writing/journaling, reading or just planning the day. Meditating, checking email and just getting ahead of others before they’ve even woken up.

Keep up the good work if that’s the case!

4. Does it help you improve other areas of your life?

80% answered with ‘Yes!’.

I share their opinion.

As for the others, they’re probably doing unproductive activities, feel like getting up early and having a morning routine is an obligation, or don’t do stuff they enjoy.

5. What activities do you include in it?

The answers here can be many.

Most of the participants choose to have breakfast (hopefully a healthy one), to do some reading or writing, to drink their coffee and get ready for work.

I’m sure most women use the early hours of the day to take care of their skin and looks with a beauty routine. So they begin the day with meaningful beauty brand products.

Many more things can be added to that, of course, if you want to make the most of your mornings. Here are 36 morning habits to check out if you’re looking for ideas.

6. What about these powerful practices?

Here I’ve mentioned a few more mindful and focused activities.

People mostly chose drinking a glass of water, meditating, defining the most important tasks for the day and visualizing.

All these are great. And each improves so many areas of our life without us even noticing.

7. How would you best describe your morning ritual’s main theme?

Here the answers vary. Which means that everyone’s doing it for themselves and has different goals.
Some people answered with personal development, while others were more specific and chose productivity, positivity and spirituality.

8. Do you have it on weekends too?

Half of the participants have their morning routines on weekends, while the other half don’t.

I suppose the situation is like that mostly because the second half prefer to sleep a bit more, spend time with family and do other things they enjoy.

9. How does failing to follow it affect the rest of your day?

30% try to make up for it by being more productive later in the day. That’s also the best advice I can give.
Another 20% just get over it.

And less than 10% say it ruins their day. To them I can say that letting go and moving on is the solution to avoiding such stress and disappointment. Simply knowing that you’ve tried, that you still want to improve your habits and that tomorrow is another chance, is more than enough to inspire you to try again.

10. Can you say it’s the habit that produces the most results for you?

A similar number of people have answered ‘yes’ and ‘yes, together with 1-3 other habits’.

In conclusion, I’d say that the results are looking good. But that’s just a bunch of people. Hopefully, many more out there will realize how morning routines can change a person’s whole life – his attitude and vision, mood and level of happiness and success, relationships, energy level, etc.

I just finished an eBook called “The Beginner’s Guide to a Successful Morning Routine”. It covers absolutely everything you need to know. And goes together with another book that is a collection of 101 morning rituals and is a great source of inspiration and ideas.

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