Self-analysis is one of the key aspects of self-improvement.

If we want to change, we need to know where exactly in life we are now, what’s our current level, what we want, what we’re good at, where we’re heading, etc.

And for results to come, we need to be consistent.

The best way to achieve these two – analyzing yourself and staying consistent – is to ask ourselves a few important questions.

They are a great way to get to know ourselves better, to see the big picture, to keep track of how far we’ve come and what we’re missing.

So here are 5 of them we should answer daily:

1. Am I being productive?

Often we’re busy, do so many different things each day and are in a hurry, but don’t actually get anything done.

And if we look closer, we realize that most of these tasks have nothing to do with our goals in life, can be delegated, aren’t urgent, and nothing will happen if we don’t complete them.

So start asking yourself that more often when learning how to plan your life. That will make you stop for a while, assess your current activity and your performance, and decide whether to keep doing it or move onto something more important.

2. What will I do today that will get me closer to my goals?

If you have a vision and there are things you want to achieve in life at some point, then daily actions need to be taken. There’s no shortcut.

And for that to happen, you’ll need to answer that question each morning.

This will make your day more purposeful, you’ll sometimes see that you haven’t made any time for goal-related tasks, and will do something to change that.

3. Am I learning and growing?

If the answer is no, then you’re not doing anything important and can just lay on the couch and the results will be the same.

Instead, always choose to spend your time doing something that either moves you forward in life, gives you priceless lessons, opportunities, knowledge, motivation, or helps others in some way.

One of the best ways to learn stuff is through online courses. I’m always growing my freelance writing and blogging business, for example, and recently purchased a course on affiliate marketing – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. It’s helping me add yet another income stream to my monthly income.

4. Am I making the best use of my time?

That’s close to the first one, but is a question to ask not only when you’re working, but also in your free time.

So even if you’re reading a book or watching a movie, ask yourself this. And let the answer help you decide whether it’s not better to put this away and make a better use of your time. (Yes, bad and meaningless books do exist.)

Use a tool like RescueTime to track your time and make sure you’re using it wisely.

5. Am I doing this to answer someone else’s expectations?

People expect too much from us, and there’s society that wants us to follow a certain path.It’s easy to lead astray and forget about our purpose and personal development plan, and just start doing what others consider right.

But that will just make you a part of the crowd. And you won’t see yourself becoming who you want to be and living the lifestyle you desire.

In cases like that, that question can help a lot.

What other questions can you add that can help us be aware of what we’re doing and keep track of our progress?

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