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I’m on a plane right now and it’s just taking off.

I’m going to the Netherlands again (my favorite country), to see friends, check out a few more cities I haven’t visited yet and have a taste of the culture again.

I started writing this post the moment the plane took off.

I guess that’s just another side effect of being a writer – I’m still mindful and being present, but I experience this moment on an even deeper level through my written words.

Plus, it’s always a good time for another blog post.

So here are some thoughts and conclusions I came up with while in the sky:

Seeing The Big Picture and Filling Yourself with Contentment

I’ve got this thing I do every now and then that has a positive effect on me (even if the situation is bad).

I like seeing the bigger picture of what’s going on in a certain moment and summarize things. And it either helps me let go of small worries and unnecessary fears and doubts, or is a good reality check and brings me down to earth if I’ve started playing different scenarios in my head.

So here’s what this big picture looks like right now:

I look out the window next to me and see the sky. I’m surrounded by beautiful puffy clouds and realize that we can all reach for the sky, literally.

Can’t help but admire how far people have come with technology. So many things are possible these days.
Distance hasn’t been an issue for quite a long time now.

Then I start feeling thankful.

I’m going to a place I love, it’s going to be an eventful week. I have the time to do it, can afford it and am physically able to get there. What more could I ask for at that exact moment?!

I appreciate it, with all the tiny problems that come up throughout every journey (like uncomfortable traveling hours, delays, having to wait for trains and buses, getting confused with maps and having to ask for directions, missing the comfort of home, etc.)

Many people choose to focus on these, and – sadly – it eventually becomes their attitude towards life.

But it’s important to remember that it’s a choice.

So I choose to experience every minute, to be deeply grateful and full of appreciation no matter what happens that doesn’t go according to the plan.

Traveling: A Good Chance to Practice Mindfulness

I often write about ways of letting go of the past and not worrying about what might happen tomorrow. But now is a perfect time to see that for myself.

I’m up in the air, and compared to the endless sky, all the little things that sometimes get me depressed and upset mean absolutely nothing.

I’ll try to keep that in mind and turn it into a quick therapeutic meditation session, actually.

The next time I start overthinking, judging, having regrets, or else, I’ll imagine being here again – flying on a plane – and will empty my mind until it becomes like the clouds around me.

Then, I’ll breathe deeply and will fill it with peace, joy and gratitude.

Also, in that very moment the future is of little importance. It’s uncertain, but that doesn’t need to bother us. We need to keep flying.

Why Life is Like a Flight

We prepare our luggage and stuff and take our seat in the plane.

Mixed emotions fill us up when it takes off. It’s our first step, we take a leap to reach the sky again.

It takes a little time until we are at the right altitude. Once we reach it, though, we can do whatever we want.

We receive instructions, but don’t always execute them. We don’t really like being told what to do.

While in the sky, when the weather’s good and the plane is flying flawlessly, we’re at ease.

We don’t look outside the window to see the sun and smile back to it. Maybe a few will do it but it won’t last long.
That’s because we’re used to taking stuff for granted when things are good.

If the weather is bad, however, and there’s turbulence, we would take the time to look around, see the clouds with a worried expression.

It’s possible for the plane to crash. Yes. And you take that risk when you buy a ticket. That fear is always somewhere in the back of our mind, not letting us be in peace.

And that’s part of life too.

We know the destination, but it’s not 100% sure that we’ll get there. But that’s not a bad thing. It actually makes the journey more valuable. We should be happy when we land.

It’s like that in life too.

Every flight is a little version of a person’s individual journey.

And if we learn to enjoy the ride, we can make life easier.
Try that!

The Sky is Always Clear Somewhere

From the ground we see clouds. They’re a symbol of the divine presence, the element of air that’s associated with higher thought. They relate to freedom, going with the flow, dreams and peace. But also to uncertainty and doubts as they never stay at one place. And we don’t always like seeing them because of that.

But when on a plane and the weather is good, we see there’s much more beyond the clouds visible from earth. The sky doesn’t end there. Just the contrary. It even begins above them.

And guess what?! It’s crystal clear.

That’s just another proof that everything in life has two sides. And what we see is not all there is.

Right now me and the people on the ground below may be looking in one direction. But I see the blue horizon, while they see a cloudy sky.

Keep that in mind the next time you lose hope: The sky is always clear somewhere.

So what do you think about that? What are your thoughts on flights, the sky, letting go and life?

Image by Matt Biddulph

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If you live in a rented home or you didn’t have the chance to decorate it yourself for any reason, just being in your own space can make you a bit moody. Let’s see how that connection works.

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Micro-apartments in huge cities may seem like the perfect opportunity for a young person, but they impose health risks. When it comes to families living in tiny apartments, the negative effect is even stronger.

Research showed that children in the crowded apartment have potential to become withdrawn. They also have troubles focusing, so they don’t usually achieve good results at school.

The small space makes you feel trapped. Sure, you can go outside and get as much space as you need. When you’re living in a tiny apartment, however, you’re crowding it up with necessary stuff. When you’re left with limited maneuverable space, your mood will go down as soon as you get home.

Is there a way to change this? There are few tricks that can help.

  • Improve the lighting. Let as much natural light as possible into your living space.
  • Get rid of all decorations you don’t need. Try to stick to minimalism; it will make space look bigger.
  • Reinvent your wardrobe. It’s what usually makes the mess in small apartments. Consider creating a capsule wardrobe. You’ll still be stylish, but with fewer clothes.

The Lighting Affects Your Mood.

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Michelle Laurens, a writer, shares her experience: “Since I work from home, the bad lighting was disastrous for me. Too many hours in front of the computer with no proper lighting. You wouldn’t believe how serious things got, but I developed mild symptoms of depression. Everything changed when I discovered blue-enriched lighting.”

Maybe dark living spaces seem more eccentric and maybe even more romantic, but they are definitely not good for your personality.

Scientists proved that blue-enriched lighting improved not only the alertness and performance but the sleep quality as well. The experiment showed that this type of lighting improved the mood and concentration, and reduced evening fatigue and eye discomfort.

It’s especially important to invest in proper lighting if you spend the biggest part of the day at home. If you’re working from home, create a home office that has plenty of natural light. Of course, you’ll also get blue-enriched light bulbs.

The Colors Affect Your Mood, Too.

Needless to say, color is important from the perspective of light and space. Dark colors on the walls will negatively affect the lighting in the room. However, they will also make space look smaller than it realistically is.

Did you know that colors have a lot to do with your emotions, too? It’s no wonder why some people get color therapy when they are feeling depressed.

Color is a major force in our lives. Your color preferences will certainly have an effect on the way you decorate. But the color gives back.

  • Red is often perceived as threatening, arousing, or exciting. Some people decide to use red details in their bedroom for that reason. However, too much red can also make you nervous.
  • Black absorbs light, so too much of it is not good for your space. In feng shui, when used properly and in moderation, black can invoke power, calm, and mystery.          
  • White is a good color to have in your home. It represents innocence and purity. It’s great for improving the sense of space in your home. Too much white, however, can make the home appear lifeless and sterile. With that, it will limit your creative thinking power.
  • Blue is a color associated with feelings of serenity and calmness. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean, so we usually relate it to beautiful memories.
  • Green is a great mood-enhancer for most people. It symbolizes nature and good luck. In color therapy, it’s used to enhance the feeling of love and sense of responsibility.
  • Purple is the universal symbol of wealth and royalty. It is also very rich and sensual, so it’s great for bedrooms. Most of all, purple is soothing and mysterious.

Colors don’t affect everyone in the same way. It’s no wonder why each of us has a favorite one. If you want to improve the mood your home provokes, think of your favorite colors and try to include them in the details.

Your home is the very foundation of your life. If you don’t get that great feeling of being home when you get through the door, something is wrong.

The good news is that, no matter what the current appearance of your home is, you can always rely on low-budget fixes to improve the light, color, and feeling of space.                                                                

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