Successful Morning Routines: The Book is Here

Some time ago, I started looking at mornings from a different angle.

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In fact, I couldn’t believe how long I’ve been living without realizing why it’s the most important part of the day and how making the best of it can change my whole life in a positive way.

So I decided to take control of it. Which, of course, starts with planning things the night before, getting up early, and knowing exactly how you’re going to spend that time that’s only for yourself, and enjoying the process.

All that is thanks to the power of morning routines.

I’ve written many posts about mornings in general, the inspiration we find in the early hours, how we can be productive at that time, how to use it to jumpstart the day and keep that attitude till the evening.
And I’ll be writing many more.

But it’s high time for me to make a book out of this.

Many people don’t really understand the value of this habit and the beauty of mornings. Many haven’t experienced an eye-opening morning ritual and never had the chance to see why it’s worth making it a permanent part of your day.
Others don’t know how to start, what to include, and there are many other details that need to be discussed and questions to be answered.

So I combined all that in an eBook – The Beginner’s Guide to a Successful Morning Routine.

successful morning routine ebook

It has all you need to know about morning rituals if you’re new to it, and can be a great addition to what you already know if you’ve tried it.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

1. The Beauty and Inspiration That Can Only Be Found in The Morning

What’s so magical about mornings?
Why have a morning routine?

2. First Steps: Why Get Up Super Early and How to Find The Willpower to Do It

Why start the day before dawn?
How to get up super early?
The best exercise to build the willpower muscle

3. The 3 Aspects of Morning Routines

Getting Things Done in The Early Morning
Morning Pages
Creating a Zen Morning Routine for a Lovely Start of The Day
How to drink your morning cup of coffee in peace?

4. Crafting The Ideal Morning Routine: How to Make It a Habit and What to Include

Forming the new habit
How to start?
What to include?
Morning Habits for a Successful Start of The Day
Things not to do
Myths about morning routines

But that’s not all.

There’s another eBook that goes together with the morning routine guide. And it’s a collection of more than 100 examples of such rituals that I’ve collected from all sources.

I want to say it’s a bonus to the original book, but it appears to be much longer than it (in terms of pages) as it contains so much information.


In it you can find how successful, creative, famous and ordinary people spend their mornings.

And, of course, they are all different. Each is unique and can be used by you if it looks like the right fit.

The common thing all these people mentioned in the book have is that they have a good morning routine.
They don’t just get up late and rush out the door for work, don’t check their phones first thing in the morning, crawl to the coffee machine or keep napping in front of the couch.

No. They’ve created this routine over time, and it works great for their exact lifestyle and daily schedule.

If you think these 2 books can be useful, you can get them here.
Or check out the sales page to learn more.


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