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the inevitable things in life

There are inevitable things in life. That means they will happen anyway at some point, and we don’t really feel like experiencing them.

Most people can’t cope with them, are too negative, complain, feel bad, and even ruin their health and relationships because of an item or more from the list below.

But you don’t need to be like them. Acceptance of what can’t be changed and knowing how to make the best of what you got is what you need to live life to the fullest and have peace and contentment.

So let’s see what these things are and what you can do about them today:

The Inevitable Things in Life We Need to Accept

1. Conflicts.

We meet many people throughout our life. Many of them we don’t really make a connection with. And even if we try our best not to show them that, it’s inevitable to have arguments, break someone’s heart, lose a friend, or else.
If you don’t do it, someone else will do it to you. That’s just how relationships work.

Even if you’re the kindest person in the world, there will be someone who’ll disagree with the way you live, and will want to let you know what his opinion is.

But, hey! That shouldn’t bother you at all.
It’s someone else’s issue and probably has little to do with you.

If you’re the one causing the conflict, take a step back and contemplate on your behavior. But if it’s not, then accept the fact that you’ll meet such people on your way too. It’s just the price we pay for meeting the great individuals that actually stay in our life.

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2. Having weaknesses.

Being weak every now and then is in our nature. We need that in order to know what strength is, and it’s a chance we’re given to overcome that weakness.

But don’t feel bad about that. Don’t create a comfort zone that will make you feel better. As eventually that becomes your weakness too.

It’s nothing tragic to be addicted to something – we all are, whether we realize it or not. It’s not the worst thing to have some bad habits, they’re part of life too.
But you’re the one that has to accept that and decide to do something about it.

Don’t label yourself as the person who has a weakness, but as someone who’s opened his eyes for what he has to improve and is taking action upon it.

3. Getting old.

Time Doesn't Change Much, But Something Else Does

That may be quite depressing if you look at it the way most people do.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

• you only feel old if you compare yourself to younger people – but what’s the point? You’ve already been there and done that. Look forward now;
• feeling bad about your age means you have regrets about the past or haven’t made peace with it – so now’s the right time to think about what was, to accept it with your whole being, and to just let it be. Realize that it was the best you could do at that exact moment, and it led you here. There are no coincidences in life;
• getting depressed about being older means you’re not happy with where you are now – then you must ask yourself deeper questions and find out what’s missing. Only then will you find peace in the present moment and realize it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be;
it’s never too late – you don’t need to be young to start your own business, have hobbies, fall in love, do something stupid, make mistakes, find and follow your passion, or else. No! You can do it right now and make something beautiful out of that revelation.

4. Seeing yourself fail.

That’s another thing that will happen at some point in your life. Probably more often than you’d like.

But failure is the biggest teacher in life. If you learn to love it, to take its lessons and then benefit from it, you’ll have mastered an important aspect of life.
After doing something wrong, you can move on stronger and know exactly what not to do next time. Isn’t that great?!

5. Taking something important for granted.

Yes, that happens too.

Right now there are tens of things around you that you should be deeply grateful for. In fact, you should be thanking for having them each and every moment. But you’re not, right?

It’s just how we live. We’re often in a rush and forget to stop and smell the roses. But if we don’t do it on time, we end up with regrets and having lost something precious without realizing how amazing it was.

So make some space in your days for appreciation and gratitude. Make it a daily practice and you’ll find yourself being more contented after some time.

6. Death.

We like life so much that we can’t really grasp the idea of its end.

Now, I can’t talk about something I haven’t experienced and know nothing about, but I know that it’s better to accept it rather than to live in fear and insecurity until death comes.
And who knows, maybe there’s something even more glorious than life itself after it.

So these are just 6 of the inevitable things in life we all have to deal with at some point.

And today is the best day to start accepting them, understand that they are part of life and without them our adventure here on this planet wouldn’t be that awesome.

What about you? What do you consider inevitable and how do you handle it?

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9 Ways to Handle Change in Your Life [Infographic] 3

9 Ways to Handle Change in Your Life [Infographic]

When a big change happens in your life, it doesn’t have to be a negative change to have a huge impact on you.

Change causes uncertainty and our brains and bodies react to uncertainty by trying to protect us with the release of fight or flight chemicals and hormones.

The downside to this is that living with these for an extended time results in elevated heart rate and affects your digestion, immune systems and blood flow.

But there are ways you can regain control over your life even in the midst of big changes.

The first is to take a step back and reflect on what’s actually happening and what your involvement is, which will help you to understand and find perspective on the situation. Hopefully, this will enable you to find the opportunities that every change in your life brings, rather than obsessing over any short-term negative impacts.

It may also help you to allow yourself a transition period where you adjust to the changes. But with a firm deadline by which you expect to have moved on and settled into the new routine. Even if it doesn’t quite work out that way, it will still push you towards visualizing the end of the uncertainty, which will prepare you to make it happen sooner rather than later.

On a more basic level, you need to remember to look after yourself during this time of change and the related stresses.

It can be too easy to fall into bad habits like neglecting your own simple needs, like a good night’s sleep and staying active and eating right when you are going through something like this. Having a day in your pajamas eating ice cream out of the tub is fine. But your body needs sleep, exercise and nutrition to keep you healthy.

Routine can be a comfort when it feels like everything in your life is changing.

So try and stick to some simple ones like walking your dog every morning or going to a regular gym class to give your life some stability and consistency.

You also need the help and support of those around you. And having a strong support network is crucial when it comes to coping with big changes in your life. This means family and friends, but you could also seek out people going through similar experiences by looking online. There may well be communities who you can talk to and get helpful tips from.

Most importantly of all, you need to be aware of when you need more than just the love and support of other people to help you cope with stress and uncertainty. If you start to feel like your mental health is really suffering, or you have been feeling the symptoms of stress for more than a couple of months, you need to go and talk to a health professional to get the help you need to bounce back.

You can read more practical tips about dealing with change and the symptoms it causes in this infographic from Pounds to Pocket.