9 Ways to Get an Instant Confidence Boost

how to get an instant confidence boost

If you’re tired of always being the shy one when in public, or have always wondered how others have such high self-esteem, it’s time to do something about it.

Here are simple ways to quickly boost your confidence:

1. Groom yourself.

Personal hygiene is important and taking care of how you look is closely related to how comfortable you feel in your skin.

Take showers often, use a nice perfume, put on fantastic clothes, take care of your skin, style your hair. Things like that make all the difference.

2. Write down your good qualities.

Whenever you need a confidence boost, sit down and write everything you like about yourself.

Mention all the compliments you’ve received, the experience and knowledge you have, good sides of your character, etc.

This will make you feel good instantly and no one would be able to put you down today.

3. Dress sharp.

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Sometimes, when there’s nothing else to do, simply putting on something formal, that’s for a special occasion, or which just makes you feel more confident, can help a lot.

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4. Stop spending time with people that lower your self-esteem.

Everyone has such people around him. Avoid them from now on.

5. Approach the first person next to you.

Action breeds action, and that’s true even when it comes to social skills.

If there are people around you, just go to the one closest to you and say something that makes sense. Even if you ask for the time, or else.

That will make it easier to repeat the action with another person. Do this daily and soon you’ll be experienced and will behave naturally in public.

6. Use the mirror technique.

Practice talking to the mirror. It may sound ridiculous but that’s a habit many successful people swear by.
Just look yourself in the mirror before you go out and repeat confidence affirmations. You’ll immediately feel better.

7. Fake it.

When you feel insecure or anxious around people, do this trick. Stand straight, put a light smile on your face, put your shoulders back and look people in the eyes.

Body language is powerful and even if you fake it, you’ll make it.

8. Visualize success.

See yourself confident in your head. Imagine it with details, feel the vibe, see how others respect you more and even ask you for advice.
Do this exercise as often as you can throughout the day. It will give you an instant boost today, but in the long term, it can make you become the person from your vision.

9. Walk with attitude.

That’s another chance to fake it before you actually get a confidence boost. Also, speak louder to beat insecurity.

What other ways to overcome shyness and instantly feel more confident do you know?

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