Many people have tried different methods to find peace, deal with daily problems easily and take things slowly. They’ve worked on different techniques, built good habits and eliminated many of the things causing stress. But that wasn’t enough.

There’s one simple exercise, however, that is more powerful than the rest – meditation. And it might be the missing piece of the puzzle of your spiritual development.

Meditating consists of focusing your mind on one thing so that you can let go of distractions and random thoughts, and be still and present.

The purpose of this practice is to make you calm and relaxed and help you become one with everything and feel balance and harmony.

It can be as little as a few minutes per day for a start, as even though it sounds easy to do, people find a hard time emptying their mind.

Here’s why it’s so powerful:

10 Benefits of Daily Meditation

1. You focus more easily.

Meditation helps you concentrate your mind on one thing, be it a thought or even your breathing. And in time you start focusing better and can apply that to any other activity from daily life.

2. Better health.

It has a positive effect on your health in general. Here are some of the health benefits:

• stronger immune system;
• less stress;
• lower blood pressure;
• better breathing and heart rates;
affects longevity;
• less heart and brain problems;
• increased energy level;
• less chance to have asthma or arthritis;
and more.

3. Optimism.

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Meditation helps you get in a better mood. Doing it in the morning lets you be calm and positive throughout the whole day.

You eliminate negativity from your life and thus dare to dream bigger, try harder and start believing in yourself more.

4. Mindfulness.

These days we’re less and less present. We either go back to the past and have regrets and disappointment, or fear and worry about the future. But life happens in the present moment.

That’s why experiencing it consciously is the only path to happiness. Also, it’s the only place where we can do something to create a better future.

Meditation helps you be present and mindful. By focusing on your breathing and emptying your mind from all excess thoughts, you’re in the now. You feel everything around you, experience and enjoy the moment.

5. Helps with depression.

Meditation can be therapeutic. It helps us find peace in a world of chaos, and thus appreciate what we already have.

We realize that we live in abundance, and become grateful. That makes us happy. And we keep it in mind all the time which helps us overcome depression and focus on taking action instead.

6. Creativity.

A daily session of meditation lets you unleash the creative genius inside you. You clear the chaos in your mind and thus come up with new ideas or find ways to fix problems. You become innovative and inspired in general.

7. A powerful mindset.

If you choose one affirmation to repeat to yourself while meditating, you can create a success mindset. It’s nothing more than thinking of a positive statement and concentrating your thoughts on it for as long as you can.

It can be related to building confidence, achieving your goals, having healthy relationships, finding your passion, developing new habits successfully, etc.

8. Less anxiety.

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You’ll soon find yourself being calmer. People, daily problems, and worries won’t get to you that much anymore.
Meditation helps you be less stressed, anxious and nervous.

9. Better sleep.

Because of the other benefits, you’ll fall asleep more easily and will wake up fresh in the morning.

10. It leads to better thinking.

Your mind is clearer, you’re alert and focused. You start taking smarter decisions, come to deep realizations about yourself and life in general, and think faster.

How and When to Do It?

Doing the exercise is pretty simple – you just sit down in a quiet place with no distractions and try to empty your mind by focusing on your breathing, for example. You can also think of a positive affirmation and use it as your mantra.

A 15-minute session is what you should be aiming for, preferably as a part of your morning routine and/or before you go to bed. These are the 2 best times if you want to make the most of this exercise.

In the early morning our mind is susceptible to anything, and if the first thing we engage it in before we let the chaos and problems of the day overburden us is meditating, then it will affect our whole being and will have a positive influence on other areas in our life in the long term.

As for the evening session, it helps you let go of all the negative energy of the day, leave behind the problems and prepare mentally for a successful and peaceful tomorrow.

In a nutshell, you can become a better version of yourself, hack your health, performance and thinking and achieve more in life by just staying still and breathing deeply for 15 minutes a day.

What about you? Do you meditate? If not, would you give it a chance now that you know the benefits?