LRS 001: An Introduction to The Let’s Reach Success Podcast

lets reach success podcast episode 1 introduction

That’s the very first episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast. Here I talk about its purpose and explain why I’m doing it. I share the main topics I’ll be talking about so that you can know what to expect.

Show Notes:

  • More about me [0:40]
  • What this podcast is (and what it’s not) [1:50]
  • How side projects help us grow [3:00]
  • One powerful advice [3:50]
  • The things I believe in and which I’m writing and talking about here [4:15]


Podcasting, and working with audio content, is completely new to me. That’s why this first episode isn’t the best. I did add intro and outro which I made myself, and managed to do the technical stuff, but there’s a lot to work on.

I’ll do my best to offer better quality with every next episode. I’m still getting used to hearing my voice. I know it sounds monotone, although I did try to sound excited. And don’t get me wrong. I truly care about the stuff I talk about, but somehow I sound like I’m reading the news. Will fix that soon.

As for the length of episodes, I think they will be between 10 and 20 minutes. I’ll do my best to make each one informative and really cover the most important things on the topic I’m focusing on, so that you can leave with practical advice after you’ve listened to it.

As for iTunes, I’m waiting to get to 10 episodes so that I can submit it there. Will do the same with Stitcher. Once I do it – which will be before the end of this year – I’ll give you an option to subscribe there and leave reviews. If you like what you hear, of course. Until then, you’ll see other options to subscribe too (on Android and via RSS) in the sidebar on the right.

Also, once I get better at podcasting and have some progress and experience, I’ll make a beginner’s guide on how to get started with it. It may be helpful to those of you who’ve been thinking of giving it a try but don’t have the time to do the research.

So that’s it for today! Usually I’ll be adding a new episode in the beginning of each week. But now – as I’m trying to have 10 sooner – it will be more often.


Thanks for listening.

Glad you joined me on the podcast. If you want to hear a particular topic on it, leave a comment below and I’ll make sure I cover it in the future.
And as I’m just beginning, if you have any advice on how I can sound better, improve the sound, change the sections, or anything else, email me at You’ll help a lot.

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