When it comes to working a 9-5 job in the city, it’s not uncommon to hear about how little time people have to dedicate to other commitments in their life. For example, exercise, part-time education or simply socializing with friends and family.

Yet we live in an increasingly digitalized society where technology is thriving and we are constantly testing, discovering and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Technology alone cannot create success, however. So how do the very people creating these new technologies and running these innovative businesses manage to achieve a work-life balance?

All successful companies in modern society first of all need to “embrace technology to stay relevant, and those that leverage technology most effectively experience the greatest success”.

This can be supported by the fact that the most successful CEOs of our time are the very leaders who actively harness the power and potential of technology. Businesses run more efficiently when they welcome technology, while businesses actively creating ground-breaking technology are more lucrative than ever.

Here are the daily routines of 5 leading tech CEOs and CTOs of our time and how they manage to stay healthy and inspired. But firstly, here’s a little background on each:

1. Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX)

By the time Elon Musk was 32, he had made close to $180 million from the sale of PayPal to eBay, which was more than enough to see him through an early and fruitful retirement.

He was considered to be a geek at school and indulged in comic books in his spare time, whose heroes inspired him to change the world.

Success Habits

  • Wake up time: 7:30 am;
  • Time for meetings and calls: 10 am;
  • Splits time between two companies during the week.

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2. Cher Wang (CEO of HTC and VIA Technologies)

Cher Wang is the daughter of one of the richest men in the world. After growing up in a strict family in Taiwan she went on to study music in California.

It was only three weeks in until she switched to economics and achieved a Masters degree, leading her into the world of business and technology.

Success Habits

  • Wake up at 5 am;
  • Reads the Bible and prays in the morning;
  • Goes for a run;
  • Joins the family for breakfast.

3. Jack Dorsey (CEO of Square and Founder of Twitter)

Jack Dorsey’s passion for technology started at a young age. By the time he was 15, he had already written programs for taxi dispatching services.

Like many other computer science entrepreneurs, Jack Dorsey dropped out of university before achieving his degree. Instead, he moved to California to set up what was then known as Twitter.

Success Habits

  • Wake up time: 5:30 am;
  • Meditates in the morning;
  • Goes for a 6-mile jog;
  • An 8-hour shift at the first company;
  • Then an 8-hour shift at the second company.

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4. Marissa Meyer: (CEO of Yahoo!)

Before becoming CEO at Yahoo!, Marissa had already spent 13 years at Google playing a pivotal role in the company’s product development. At the time, Google was a company of 19 employees and Marissa became its first female engineer.

Success Habits

  • Sleeps for 4 hours per night;
  • Is passionate about what she does.

5. Padmasree Warrior (Former CTO of Cisco)

Padmasree’s eagerness to succeed was prevalent in her early years where she developed an interest for a wide range of subjects such as music, dance, art and science.

She was just one of five females who attended the Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India from a class of 200 students.

Success Habits

  • Wake up time: 4:30 am;
  • Dedicates an hour to emails and news;
  • Another hour to cardio or resistance training;
  • Is at work by 8;
  • Understands the importance of learning.

So what do you think? Are their daily rituals what makes them different from the average people? Which habits of theirs would you want to develop and why?

About The Author

This is a guest post by Sarai Sinai from Outbox Documents – a copywriter and content creator with a focus on social media and blog copy.