The Most Important Moment of Your Day: 6 Ways to Create It and Be Happier 46

now is the most important moment of your day

I’m sure you know that a single moment can change it all. It may be an emotional experience, a deep realization or a strong feeling. But after that, you know you’ll never feel the same way again.

Sometimes that moment doesn’t come just like that and we need to do something. Why not create it ourselves?

It may be right after you got up (that’s a magical time as your subconsciousness is quite susceptible, it’s in the morning and the new day starts with all its opportunities) as a part of your morning routine, or in any other moment throughout the day.

Here’s how to do it (this is a short chapter of one of the books I’m offering to subscribers of the site, The Tao of Happiness):

How to Make Any Moment The Most Important One

1. Stay alone for a while, try to breathe deeply, to put a light smile on your face, to slow down and focus on your thoughts.

Now start thinking about all the great things you already have in your life – your family and friends, your home, all the belongings you can’t live without, the sports you enjoy, your hobbies, nature, a pet, future plans, the chance to do what you want with your life, etc.

That should make you smile even more. Do it. And appreciate those things. I mean, really feel the abundance in your life and thank for it.

2. Now see yourself for the amazing human being that you are.

You’re a good friend, colleague, parent, creator, motivator and partner. See all your good qualities, strong sides, potential and powers, remember the things you’re good at and accept your weaknesses and mistakes.
You’ve always done the best you could and you’ve come a long way. Only better things are ahead of you so smile about that.

3. Let go.

Let go of the past with its regrets and the future with its worries. Be aware of how pointless that is and live now.
Stop judging and comparing simply because you know you’re good enough and don’t need to compare yourself to other people’s lives as they’ve been through their own challenges and difficult times.

Stop doubting yourself and caring too much about what others will say. Whatever your decision is, it will be the right thing to do no matter what others think. They don’t have the right to judge you. The only opinion that you should consider is the one you have of yourself.

Let go of control and security. Just make the best of each moment without trying to take control. Realize that it’s an illusion and go with the flow, be like water. Embrace insecurity and feel alive.

4. Experience the moment.

What was and what will be is not important at all right now. The past is gone and the future is uncertain. Probably the only thing you actually possess is the present moment – you have the chance to waste it or spend it wisely. It’s up to you.

5. Let things happen.

Stop interfering and accept the things you can’t change. Your behavior is your choice but everything else is a part of the universal plan. So let things take their course and adjust.

You don’t need to change things or to make something happen. Whatever happens will be the perfect outcome of that situation. Later something else will happen and you’ll have the chance to experience it even more consciously.

6. Contribute.

Nothing really matters if you don’t go beyond yourself and help others. Giving is the best investment and the more you give, the more you get in return. But do it for the greater good and never expect anything back.

Compassion is a universal language. Doing good and being kind is worth it. It changes your life and the life of others who cross your path.

After doing these 6 things you’ll look at the world from another perspective. And – I promise you – it will be a beautiful moment of enlightenment.

If you take this moment each day – it’s a few minutes long – you will soon become a much happier person. Repeated actions lead to the development of habits and soon your mind will get used to focusing on the positive, being grateful and showing compassion.

This post is a small part of my book “The Tao of Happiness”. It’s a simple guide on how to stop seeking happiness in outer sources. And instead find it right here and right now by being grateful, mindful and positive. It’s available for subscribers of LRS.

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In Brazil, for example, researchers have shown that using visualization techniques to put your worries into perspective can help you to form a more realistic strategy to proceed. When you catch yourself stressing over a detail or panicking over a deadline, put a couple of minutes aside to sit down with a pen and paper and make a list of everything that’s going right with your project, and everything that’s going wrong. This way you will get a more objective idea of what you’ve achieved and what is still possible.

Perfectionism also has a social aspect.

This has become acuter with the rise of social media since we are bombarded with constant reminders of just how well our friends and rivals appear to be getting on. You may find you have a particular friend (or more than one!) who loses their social filter when they get online and has a tendency to leave unasked-for and negative ‘feedback’ on anything you share.

Social media is not reality. If you find yourself competing with the heavily-mediated expectations that come with life on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then do yourself a favor and simply log off.

Even a one-month social media detox can help you get a little more of that precious ‘perspective’ that perfectionists so dearly need.

But perhaps the most valuable lesson at all is to learn to embrace flaws and mistakes.

The world is not perfect; even nature has its glitches and shortfalls. Deliberately integrated into your work, through clever design or just through learning from your mistakes, imperfection can make what you do more resonant and more beautiful.

The Japanese have a name for this: wabi-sabi. Learn to enjoy that which you cannot control, and the world will become a less intimidating place.

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