LRS 003: Hacking Confidence: Why We Need Self-Esteem and How to Get It

lrs podcast episode 3: hacking confidence

Welcome to the third episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast. In today’s show I’m talking about hacking confidence. I share with you some tricks and tips on how to gain self-esteem faster and start living your life to the fullest.

Show Notes:

  • The things lack of confidence leads to [0:59]
  • How life with higher self-esteem looks like and why we need it [5:12]
  • 3 powerful techniques to overcome shyness and feel good about ourselves [6:11]
  • Confidence hacks you can try today [12:00]


Hacking Confidence

Top 10 quotes from the episode:

“We need to be confident in ourselves in order to take risks, try new things and do stuff that scares us. But without that quality, we just do the things we’ve always been doing. And get the same results.”

“A person without confidence, one who has such a low level of self-esteem that he doesn’t believe he can do anything, is destined to live a miserable life.”

“A life lived confidently is a life of opportunities, positive emotions, great social life, exciting experiences and progress. And all that increases your level of happiness and contentment.”

“And that’s the very first step of the process of building self-confidence – realizing that you deserve it as much as anyone else, understanding that there are steps to take and small things you can do to start increasing your self-esteem today, and most importantly – believing you can do it and taking the decision to become a confident individual.”

“It [being afraid to look people in the eyes] is connected to insecurity – thinking you’re not good enough and knowing others will start judging you. That’s why you prefer to avoid any contact and attention.”

“I had figured out my goals, knew exactly what I wanted and was doing something about. And that gave me a confidence boost – I felt good about myself and realized that even if people don’t like me, judge me or say stuff about me, I’d still be okay with who I am and where I’m heading.”

“Start with accepting yourself. Know that you’re the best version of yourself in this very moment, but can always do something to improve your future self. This way you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin.”

“Comfort is the enemy of achieving more, improving yourself and moving on.”

“Be honest with yourself and admit the things you’re scared of and that make you feel uncomfortable. And if you’re serious about wanting to become confident, go do them.”

“Expect yourself to act confidently in every situation you encounter.”

Thanks for listening.

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