I’m sure that whatever it is life has planned for us in the future, it’s going to be amazing. And that must be your attitude too.

Let’s leave all the mistakes, past failures, disappointments, regrets and doubts behind. We don’t need them anymore, there’s nothing we can do about them except take our lesson and look forward to a better tomorrow.

The new year is just around the corner. And it’s another huge opportunity that’s given to us. We have the chance to become the best version of ourselves, to turn our life around, get more things done, and finally get closer to our goals.

Here are 101 killer ways to do all that:

1. Create a personal development plan.

2. Start waking up earlier.

3. Track your progress.

4. Don’t be afraid of change.

5. Accept yourself for who you are right now before you try to improve.

6. Meditate daily for 15 minutes.

7. Take at least one action towards your biggest goal daily.

8. Keep morning pages.

9. Write down your tasks on a list every evening.

10. Define your most important ones and focus on them.

11. Start working on the one on top first thing in the morning.

12. Overcome fear by understanding and accepting it.

13. Have an evening routine to end the day like successful people do.

14. When something bad happens, accept it as the best outcome of the situation for the present moment.

15. Be kind to everyone you meet.

16. Define what you don’t want in life.

17. Turn your goals into dreams.

18. Use the mirror technique to overcome low self-esteem.

19. Keep a gratitude journal.

20. Start each day in a good mood.

21. Stop trying to change people.

22. Appreciate what you already have.

23. Do one thing at a time.

24. Stop watching TV.

25. Start reading one book on personal development every two weeks.

26. Don’t let others talk you out of your plans, no matter how big they are.

27. Limit social media to an hour a day.

28. Write down everything the moment it comes up.

29. Choose to be happy right now.

30. Read “Crush It!” by Gary Vaynerchuk.

31. Think about quitting your job and becoming location independent.

32. Be ruthless with your time and don’t let others take it from you.

33. Find and start spending more time with like-minded people.

34. Examine the life of successful people in your industry.

35. Overcome shyness by approaching a new person whenever you have the chance.

36. Drink your morning cup of coffee in peace and enjoy every sip.

37. Start flossing.

38. When you want to know something, simply ask.

39. Throw away everything you don’t use.

40. Define the things you do daily that don’t get you closer to your goals and eliminate them.

41. Do more of what works instead.

42. Check email twice a day.

45. Start a business on the side.

46. Read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

47. Accept what you can’t change and make the best of it.

48. Read positive quotes in the morning.

49. Drink tea.

50. Delegate what can be done by someone else.

51. Find your true passion.

52. When you develop a new habit, start small.

53. Unsubscribe from all newsletter. Don’t let others decide what information goes in your head.

54. Find your most productive time and structure your day around it.

55. Do something you do often in a new way.

56. Start using online tools for better focus.

57. Write and self-publish your first book.

58. Build your personal brand using social media and offering value.

59. Refuse to communicate with people who complain about their lives 24/7 without doing anything about it.

60. Be a role model.

61. Don’t wait for inspiration to come. Just get moving.

62. Have 700 extra hours this year.

63. Follow Tim Ferriss and read everything he has to say.

64. Improve your marketing skills by reading the best content from experts.

65. Let go of all the daily problems and worries before you go to sleep in the evening.

66. Make the best of the first hour of your day.

67. Feel confident about the fact that you’ve figured out what you want and are going after it.

68. Work out at least 3-4 times weekly.

69. Never forget that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.

70. Be open to opportunities.

71. Say ‘no’ to 90% of the things you can do, so that you master and make the most of the other 10%.

72. Don’t share your goals with others.

73. Challenge yourself by doing what feels uncomfortable every now and then.

74. What are you afraid of? Go and do it without thinking.

75. Stop making excuses.

76. Be always on the grow. Keep improving your skills, reading and learning new things.

77. Travel as much as you can.

78. Calculate your ideal lifestyle and aim for that number from today on.

79. Use the law of expectation to your advantage.

80. Speak up.

81. You won’t see progress if you keep using the same strategies.

82. Review your goals every few days.

83. Examine your day every evening and make the necessary changes.

84. Read “Eat That Frog” by Brian Tracy.

85. Don’t waste time feeling sorry because you failed. Move on quickly.

86. Love yourself before you expect anyone else to do it.

87. Be honest with yourself.

88. Speak with confidence.

89. Define the self-limiting beliefs that don’t give you peace of mind and eliminate them one by one.

90. In moments of weakness, remember why you’re doing it and keep going.

91. Leave bed right after the first alarm goes off.

92. Be confident in your abilities and always improve yourself.

93. Sometimes the big picture can be overwhelming. And in order to keep making progress, focus on today and get just 1% better.

94. If something or someone is not worth your time, let it go.

95. Go the extra mile.

96. Read Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” and learn how to be remarkable in life and business.

97. Use a standing desk when working.

98. Be selective. You can’t have it all. So focus your energy and time on meaningful things.

99. Be yourself. Become the best in that.

100. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

101. Don’t rely on external sources in order to be happy. You yourself are enough, with everything you already have.

What do you think? That’s plenty of action to take, habits to develop, new things to try and plans to make, so that 2016 can be a kick-ass year. Where will you start?