LRS 005: How to Develop New Habits: 30 Ways to Start a Habit and Stick to It

how to develop new habits - podcast episode

Welcome to the fifth episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast. You can now listen to it on iTunes and Stitcher.

We all want to build successful habits and be consistent. But we make some crucial mistakes like starting too big, making many changes at once, not being focused, letting distractions get in the way, and many more.

In this episode I offer a simple guide on how to develop new habits and make them stick. I share 30 ways to build a habit without feeling overwhelmed or investing too much time and energy. The whole process is a learning experience, after all. And we need to stay motivated too if we want to change our behavior successfully.

So if you’re stuck and want to change your current habits and develop better ones, check out this episode of the show.

Show Notes:

  • Why change our habits? [0:54]
  • 30 ways to build new habits and make them stick [1:40]
  • 5 reasons we can’t stick to habits [8:45]


How to Develop New Habits: 30 Ways to Do it The Right Way

1. Choose one habit. Just one.
2. Know why you’re doing all this.
3. Remind yourself of that reason as often as you can.
4. Focus on just starting.
5. Turn your habit into a goal.
6. Start small.
7. Make the daily step easy.
8. If you miss a day, let it go and repeat the action step the next day.
9. Never miss 3 days in a row.
10. Use reminders.
11. Set a specific time.
12. Have a cue.
13. Have a reward.
14. Have something to look forward to.
15. Visualize success.
16. Hold yourself accountable by sharing how things are going to a friend.
17. Connect with others building the same habit.
18. Motivate yourself when feeling down.
19. Affirmations.
20. Be prepared.
21. Enjoy the process.
22. Self-talk.
23. Make it a priority.
24. Eliminate temptations.
25. Track progress.
26. Let go.
27. Feel good about what you’re doing.
28. Challenge yourself.
29. Be positive.
30. Inspire others to do the same.

Why You Can’t Change Your Habits?

  1. You start many habits at once.
  2. You make big changes.
  3. Something else gets in the way.
  4. You miss a few days and give up.
  5. You don’t enjoy it.

Listen to the episode here:

Thanks for listening.

Glad you joined me on the podcast. If you want to hear a particular topic on it, leave a comment below and I’ll make sure I cover it in the future.

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