LRS 010: Dealing with Toxic People

dealing with toxic people - podcast episode

Welcome to the 10th episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast. You can now listen to it on iTunes and Stitcher. This one is about dealing with toxic people.

People say we’re the average of the 5 people we spend most time with. And that’s true.

Others have a huge influence on our behavior and thoughts, and often we aren’t aware of that.

But if you’re constantly talking to people without goals, for example, who prefer to talk about other people and events instead of ideas and visions, you may soon find yourself doing the same.

There’s a quote by Eddie Harris Jr that says “Some people want to see you on the top of the mountain and some people want you to keep them company down in the alley.”
Wise words. But we often we remain blind for them.

Truth is people can either inspire you and lift you up, or drain you and kill your enthusiasm. So keep your eyes open for them. The very first step to changing your life and doing something about the things preventing you from moving forward, is to define all the bad influences. And toxic people are on top of the list.

It’s not a coincidence that I started the Year of Less with the topic of dealing with toxic people. It’s not an easy thing to do to eliminate those who’ve been around you for a long time now. But it’s also a must as you’ll then be free to improve yourself and fight your weaknesses.

Show Notes:

  • The different types of toxic people [1:20]
  • What to do when some of the most poisonous people in your life come disguised as family [2:00]
  • How to recognize toxic people in daily life [3:48]
  • Why some people find the topic of eliminating toxic people too harsh [6:18]
  • 3 reasons why removing such people is the right thing to do [7:02]
  • 5 steps to dealing with toxic people [9:30]


3 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Cut Out Toxic People from Your Life

1. It’s part of your healing process.

2. It’s not healthy.

3. Letting go of toxic people doesn’t mean you hate them, it just means you love yourself.

5 Steps to Dealing with Toxic People

1. Recognize them.

2. Accept them as toxic.

3. Set limits.

4. Take care of yourself.

5. Find new, positive people.

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Dealing with Toxic People

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