LRS 011: How Morning Routines Can Change Your Life and How to Create One

Welcome to the 11th episode of The Let’s Reach Success Podcast. Today I’ll talk about the importance of morning routines, the effect they have on so many aspects of our life and how to actually create a successful ritual to help you win the day.

Your morning routine reveals your approach to your days. And after all, life is a series of days. So if you make it a habit and do it every morning, your life will become more peaceful, organized, productive, disciplined, positive and healthier.

It’s not really about getting up early and doing stuff (although, that’s a big part of it), but more about the importance of just doing it, of knowing you’ve got a successful habit, of realizing its benefits and letting it help you improve in every other area of your life.

It all comes down to feeling more productive, to seeing yourself fresh and focused in the early hours, believing you can achieve much more, letting others see you lead a healthier life and being admired.

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All this will change your mindset too, and that’s where success is created. We first become happy and successful in our heads before it shows any result in real life.

So embrace the first part of your day and see how morning routines can change your life.

Show Notes:

  • Why have a morning routine [0:50]
  • How a morning ritual helps you become more disciplined, productive, peaceful and a better person in general [3:50]
  • What is a good morning routine [6:32]
  • How to wake up with the first alarm [7:15]
  • What to include in your morning ritual [8:09]


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Morning Routines

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  1. Some people are more visually oriented than aurally oriented. For me, going to lectures was a waste of time. I have to see things to remember them. It seems to me that to soak in non-visual material you have to be able to shut off your mind and let it just pour in. Which I can’t do. Something comes in and clicks and my mind is off – thinking about it, looking at it from other angles. I blink and gee I’ve lost five minutes of the lecture. Where’s the rewind button? So, it’s really difficult to deal with your podcasts. I wonder what percentage of your potential audience is in this situation.

    1. Thanks for letting me know.
      I too consider lectures a waste of time actually.

      And the podcast is just an addition to the whole site. The blog is the main part and written content is what I feel most comfortable with. Just experimenting with a new medium now.
      And some people prefer listening rather than reading.

      Anyways, getting new things out there online may always help someone. I do sound monotonous too, and am working on that 🙂

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