10 Ways to Start a Startup for Less Than $100 262

how to start a startup for less than $100

There are more ways to start a startup out there than we know of.

We live in the best possible time to create a business out of nothing, start earning money in no time and build our personal brands.

Not only that, but you can do it for less than $100. Initial capital is not a factor anymore when we talk about building startups and being your own boss.

One thing hasn’t changed, though. And that’s the hard work that needs to be invested. You’ll have to do some thinking and then hustle for some time, and that will be before you see any money coming in. But if you do it right, you can change your life and become a successful entrepreneur.

Here are 10 ways to start a startup and create such a lifestyle for yourself:

1. Find a gap in the marketplace and fill it.

There are many people who travel all the time, for example, and yet don’t know how to get discounts, collect points and become special members of the airline they use the most. Most location independent entrepreneurs, or just travel enthusiasts and frequent flyers, do it for almost no money because they know where to look, when the right time is, how to ask for it, and so on.

Other people would love to do that but simply don’t know how, don’t have the time to do a research and talk with airline service assistant for hours, aren’t good with the technical or financial side of this, or else.

If you know more than them, and are traveling often anyways, you can fix that problem. You can help them save time and money, and make it a win-win situation.

Create a site and offer a product or service to share the necessary information so that people can avoid the hassle and travel cheap from now on. Make a webinar, offer them a long phone call, create a course, videos, or whatever makes it easier and most comfortable for them to learn the stuff.

Almost every niche has such a gap. Your job is to find what’s missing and offer value. People would gladly pay for your help, eventually, you can start a startup from this.

2. Build a niche site.

best ways to start making money online

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to do that and succeed with it.

All you need to do is find a topic – that’s the tricky part, though. It needs to be specific, not a broad niche. Do keyword research but take your time, because that will be what you’ll structure your site around.

It must be a key phrase that has enough monthly searches but for which there’s not much competition. Once you find it, make sure there are products on Amazon related to it that are making money. Check if it’s profitable to monetize through advertising too.

You don’t need to know anything about the topic, but needless to say it will be much easier if you’re passionate about it. Otherwise, you’ll have to read a lot, gather information and see how others are doing it, and create at least a few pages for the site to exist. And preferably add a blog to it which you’ll update frequently.

Once you start ranking for the chosen keyword and other terms close to it, and start getting traffic, you can think about monetizing. Maybe create an information product and offer it there, or put adds on the site.

In order to start, you need to buy hosting. One of the best choices is BlueHost and it will cost you less than $4 per month, together with the most popular blogging platform WordPress.
The domain name comes free for the first year.

3. Affiliate marketing.

Create a niche site and monetize it by offering products visitors may be interested in. Every time a purchase is made, you’ll receive a commission.

Many people are making six figures a month just by promoting other people’s services or Amazon products. You can do the same.

Again, your expenses will be for web hosting. Then, it’s your job to create content and get people to your site, where you’ll offer them the affiliate products.

That can happen by writing long, informative articles so that they can rank higher in search engines and people can easily find your website. You can also use blog directories, write for bigger sites for free in other to promote yours, use social media, etc.

All this is free, the price you pay is the time and energy spent on all these activities.

4. Offer your services online.

Whatever your profession in real life is, you can turn it into your own business by doing what you do online.

If you’re a lawyer, accountant, travel guide, chef, gardener, or else, you’ve got plenty of knowledge and experience to share with others. Set up a site and start creating quality content, be it in written form, video or audio format, people interested in the field are always looking for advice, hacks, news, etc.

Once you build a reputation, you’ll start charging for that. Many people have quit their regular jobs this way and still kept doing what they had specialized in.

For a start, use sites like Freelancer.com or UpWork.com. It’s completely free to register and use them with a basic membership plan.

Can you code, write, design or translate? There are plenty of other sites online where all you need to do is create a profile and find clients. Work hard, build a portfolio, and in time you can turn it into your own business, start a startup, and get 100% of what you earn.

If these aren’t your fields, maybe you can help someone with their site, can build a social media strategy for a small company, or proofread books people have already written.

5. Make something more available for people.

Offer convenience, and you’ll be paid.

People haven’t even thought of choosing a car to buy online, but now they can be given all the details and even the whole experience while in front of the screen.

What else can you think of someone would gladly pay for that will offer convenience?

6. Give exclusive information.

If you’re a traveler, go to a place that’s not popular yet, gather all the information about it, talk to locals, make videos and share your experience.

Then offer all that to people who have been thinking of going there but weren’t sure. Add to that the best flight offers, leisure time activities, places to stay and food to eat, and you have a golden opportunity.

7. Teach people how to do something.

Any skill can be broken down to small, easy tasks that will help anyone learn anything.

Difficult ones like coding, which are also most profitable and desired these days, can be turned into a set of tiny steps to take for a month before a person can move to another level, for example.

Or be it writing, design, accounting, learning a foreign language, making jewelry, etc. Anything can be taught through videos, lectures, presentations, and even be a reason for you to start a startup when the business scales.

When you know what you’re doing and find the right medium for yourself to share your knowledge, people would use your services to learn a new skill.

If you’re ready to take action in this direction, you can create a course and sell it on Udemy, for example.
The platform offers simple ways to upload PDF files, PowerPoint presentations or YouTube videos and turn them into a course, which you’ll then publish into the Udemy marketplace. You don’t need to pay anything to become an instructor and create a course, and you get 50% of what you make.

8. Sell your crafts.

sell your crafts online

If you’re a creative individual, like making things and are doing it anyways, why not earn money from that?

Many stay-at-home mums are selling their homemade goods on sites like Etsy (mine too, actually). You can also do it if you’re a photographer, cook, painter, jewelry maker, etc.

If not, you can start today. See what people are looking for and target a specific niche. Be it gift cards, Christmas decoration, photo frames, wedding accessories, or anything else. Buy some supplies (for less than $100 for a start) and start selling.

If people like your items, you’ll invest more and earn more, and eventually move to your own online store.

9. Podcasting/making YouTube videos.

These are other ways to create and share content online on a topic you’re passionate or know a lot about. If you’re confident in front of camera, or prefer talking instead of writing, choose this.

Start giving away content for some time, make it quality and informative, let people come back for more and build a community. When you’ve got enough listeners/viewers, you can reach out to sponsors. Sell ad spaces, mention names, products and sites throughout the show/video, give direct links, etc.

Making and uploading videos is free, but you need to be more tech-savvy in order to make them high-quality.

As for podcasting, it’s a good idea to buy a good microphone first (like this one), to download Audacity for free (an open source, cross-platform audio editor and recorder), and then upload each episode on iTunes.

10. Virtual assistance.

If you can’t think of anything else, but are eager to start making money and eventually build a business, then assist people with their work.

Complete tasks connected to email filtering, content creation, web design, optimization, social media promotion, doing research, connecting with clients, booking appointments, updating stuff, analyzing competition, creating reports, making presentations, answering calls, etc.

You don’t need any experience or knowledge to do all this, but after doing it for some time you’ll get to see what businesses are all about. And when you feel ready, you’ll start something on your own.

Again, you can use any site out there that’s created to connect clients with freelancers, make a profile and apply for the jobs offered there daily.

The digital world is full of opportunities, and new ones are being created daily. Working from home and making money online are two completely normal things these days. The Internet is big enough and people are spending more and more money there. There’s enough room for anyone’s new lifestyle business and if you work hard enough, you deserve a piece of the pie.

Do you have any other idea on how to start a startup? What can you do today to start turning it into reality for less than $100?

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How I Made $375 with One Article as a Freelance Writer on Clear Voice 6

clear voice review How I Made $375 with One Article as a Freelance Writer on Clear Voice

There are many sites for freelancers where anyone can build their portfolio, pitch clients and earn money. If you’ve been following my monthly income reports, you know that half of my income comes from sponsored posts on Let’s Reach Success while the other half is from freelance writing.

I’m mainly earning through Upwork which is a great website for newbies and a place where I managed to become a Top Rated freelancer.

However, they don’t pay much, there are a lot of freelancers from cheap countries there who’d charge just a few dollars per hour (or for a few thousand words). That means low-quality clients come there too and it’s hard for me to meet my hourly rate with businesses and individuals who don’t have a budget for content creation.

That made me look for better platforms and sites for freelance writers that pay more. I will be writing about all of them soon. While they aren’t for newbies, it never hurts to create your profile there when you’re starting out and slowly build your portfolio. Because one day you’ll get found on them and they will pay you hundreds of dollars for a single article.

My years of hard work paid off in a new way this month. I made $375 for a 2000-word article (that I enjoyed writing and which didn’t take more than 2 hours to complete). That happened on Clear Voice.

Let’s talk more about that site and how you too can get paid what you deserve.

Freelancing is the best way to get started online. That’s what I did and began without experience. Now, I’m earning over $4,000/month blogging and freelancing as you can see from my lastest income report. I wrote down all the steps I took to get there starting from $0 and created a blueprint: the free course How to Make Money Online Freelancing:

Check out How to Make Your First Money Online Freelancing. A free course I created using Teachable that will help you get your online business start and earn your first dollars from home by offering your services as a freelancer.

What is Clear Voice?

ClearVoice.com isn’t the traditional site for freelancers. It’s a great marketplace where you just create a profile, showcase your work (they have their own CV portfolio feature) and get found.

While you might not receive job opportunities when you haven’t been freelancing for long, it’s worth being there while improving your personal brand as a freelancer.

Of course, the best way for that to happen (which is how I did it too) is to have your own blog. Let’s Reach Success had hundreds of articles on it before I signed up for Clear Voice. So it served as my ultimate portfolio.

If you haven’t set up a site yet, I suggest doing it now.  Here’s how to start a blog that will make money forever (not just by helping you land freelance clients).

The best thing about Clear Voice is that it gives access to quality brands, companies and individuals. As you know, in the blogging world it’s all about networking. But with sites like Upwork, that’s hard.

Big brands are elsewhere and Clear Voice is one example.

How Clear Voice Works for Freelancers

Clear Voice is all about content marketing and can connect creators with agencies and brands. But for the purpose of this post and all of you who are freelance writers and want to get paid more for your services, we’ll talk about how it works for us.

Their goals are to help freelancers showcase their best work, find high-quality clients, get paid what they deserve, build their brand, receive payments quickly, and secure better jobs.

If you think about it, these are all the things we struggle with on other platforms, especially those that include bidding.

Okay, let’s see how Clear Voice works.

For a start, it’s absolutely free to sign up and create your portfolio as a freelancer so go do it now.

From then on, you’ll receive an email with a notification whenever you have a writing opportunity. If it sounds like something you’d do, click the link in your email and hit ‘Apply’ next to the job description.

clear voice email notifications

The rate you see is what you’ll earn after Clear Voice fees (which are around 25% and high but still you get paid much better than expected).

My Experience with Clear Voice Over The Years

Now, let me tell you how I received $375 from Clear Voice, because I myself didn’t believe it until the money arrived to my PayPal account.

clear voice payment

I’ve been registered with Clear Voice for a long time now. Because I’m making changes to my online business (focusing on more quality work and clients, charging more, eliminating old activities, etc.), I was also updating my profile on sites that had potential to get me freelance work.

It’s hard to put the effort when you haven’t landed a job with a certain platform, but I did it anyway.

I’ve been receiving email notifications from Clear Voice for job opportunities but never took them seriously (although I did apply to some).

After updating my profile and adding a ton of my best articles in my portfolio, I applied for one assignment on the topic of relationships. I could see who the client was, trusted Clear Voice for handling payments, and also thought it’s worth giving it a try to see if I can make my first money there.

There are instructions (not too long) with each assignment and you see when you’ve been hired for it. You can always contact support or message the client there, which is great.

Once he reviews it, or after the end date for the completion of the article is over, you receive your money.

Actually, while I was waiting for that client to react (he didn’t get back to me, by the way, but I still got paid as the Clear Voice system clears payments even if the client disappears), I applied for another assignment that seemed like a good fit for me. I wrote an article on how to start a business blog for one brand. It was for around $120 and was 800 words. They paid me immediately.

But the point of this post is to share the case about the other article. It’s not about the $375. It’s about believing freelance writers can make nearly $400 for one task thanks to their reputation in a niche for years.

It’s a common fact that freelancers underprice themselves. It took me years to find the courage to stop doing that and say ‘no’ to clients.

That resulted in doubling my blogging income, which I’ll write about more soon.

Once I got paid $375 for one article for a freelance client, I finally felt appreciated. For years I’ve been struggling with clients reluctant to pay more than $30 for a short article or an hour of my time. And to this day I accept lower rates just because the income of a freelancer is unstable.

This gig, however, helps me rethink it all. Just like when I made $250 from one sponsored post, I stopped accepting anything less than $50 and often ask for up to $100. That means rejecting many opportunities that could make me a few hundred dollars more each month. But thanks to these higher prices I get more serious clients and also increase my income.

PS, Clear Voice did a survey on what people pay or charge per project. You can check it out here.

What It Takes to Get High-Quality Freelance Clients on Clear Voice

Sign up now.

Fill in your profile and portfolio. Here’s how mine looks like.

clear voice portfolio lidiya k

Check out emails from Clear Voice. (It’s okay if the first one arrives weeks after signing up.)

Create your blog and start writing content like crazy in the niches you cover.

Next Level Tips for Succeeding on Clear Voice

Keep updating your portfolio.

Don’t apply for an assignment simply because of the money. It’s not fair.

Feel free to contact support and see how you can get found by clients sooner.

Here are some resources to help you with making it as a freelance writer on Clear Voice:

Make Your First Money Online Freelancing [Free Course] – I created a free course sharing my journey to making more than $4,000/month blogging. It all began with freelancing and you can use this course to follow the steps I took to become a freelancer with no experience and earn my first income online.

How I Became a Location Independent Freelance Writer Want to use freelancing as a way to ditch the 9 to 5 and be location independent? Great. That’s what I did. Check out this article to see the steps I took to build a new mindset, start making money online, leave my country and design the life I want.

How to Start a Profitable Blog – This step-by-step guide to starting a blog is a must for everyone who wants to start earning online and become self-employed. Having your own blog is the first step to building your personal brand as a freelancer.

Blogging Resources – To build a powerful site that turns visitors into buyers and monetize it well, you will need the right tools. In my Blogging Resources page, I’ve gathered the best of the best and the exact tools I’ve used to grow Let’s Reach Success and be able to make a full-time living as a freelance writer.

My Monthly Income Reports – If you’re curious how I make a living online, check out my income reports. I publish these monthly and share all the numbers together with the lessons I learned and the new things I’m working on.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – The income from freelancing is unstable so it’s worth diversifying it. One of the best ways to earn more is through affiliate marketing (it can happen by placing links on your blog, through Pinterest, your newsletter, or else). This step-by-step affiliate marketing strategy course shows you how to increase your affiliate income and make more money blogging. It’s by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents who went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month (and also the first online course I’ve ever taken).

Pin this post to inspire others to create profiles on more sites for freelancers like Clear Voice.

Just got paid nearly $400 for writing one article for a freelance client. Learn how this happened and see my Clear Voice review to take your freelance writing to the next level and get paid more: #freelancer #freelancewriting #clearvoice