New Book on Procrastination [0.99 for 2 Days Only]

You’ve probably noticed how procrastination has the habit of getting in the way when we want to get something done.

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We dread it, as there’s almost always no reasonable explanation as to why we don’t start working on the task in front of us right away.

But that’s just because we haven’t found it.

Every time we decide to put something off for later, there’s a deeper reason behind it.

I too struggled with procrastination my whole life. But now it’s different.

I recognize it when it gets closer. But I don’t fear it or deny it like before. Instead I let it be, because I’m confident in my abilities and know why I need to get things done. So I simply take action.

Knowing what exactly causes the desire to procrastinate helped me overcome it.

Procrastination is a mindfulness issue. It’s when we don’t notice the excuses our mind comes up when we have work to do, and when we don’t ask ourselves why that happens.

My new book offers a solution to that.

How to Kill Procrastination One Excuse at a Time gives an in-depth look at every possible reason why we procrastinate.

no procrastination

It’s structured in an easy and understandable way and that makes it super practical. Each chapter defines a problem and gives simple steps to take to deal with it.

I believe it can help you see the why behind your lack of productivity, and ultimately make you more action-oriented and successful.

It’s for those who overthink a new project instead of starting it right away.
For those who don’t feel they can get this thing done properly.
For the ones who fear failing so much that they never take the first step.
Those for whom tasks feel like an obligation.
And for the ones who don’t know where to start.

The book will be only 0.99 till Wednesday.

If you think it can help you deal with procrastination once and for all, get it here.

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For every struggle we have in life, there’s a logical explanation and changes that can be made so that we can live a better life, without that problem in it.

In the case of procrastination – which is a huge issue as it gets to us daily and eventually prevents us from getting closer to our goals if we let it – the first thing to do is find the excuse we make and why exactly we procrastinate.

After all, if a problem isn’t defined correctly, we can’t really describe the solution either.

What do you think?

If you have any questions about my book on procrastination, or for anything else really, feel free to ask them in the comments below, or personally – using the Contact page on the blog.

Wishing you the best of luck with becoming the most productive version of yourself!


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