We do have bad habits, whether we admit it or not. And if we’re not satisfied with the progress we see in life, we aren’t good at time management and don’t get much done throughout the day, then they are more dangerous than we imagine. Because they not only steal, but kill our productivity.

There’s still hope, though. Let’s take back control of our time and habits today by eliminating the following behaviors:

1. Multitasking.

It’s the enemy of productivity.

It has a negative effect on our performance, mood and life in general. We not only don’t get anything done, but are busy all the time thinking we’re doing something meaningful.

The solution is to single task. Do one thing at a time and do it consciously.

2. Browsing the Web.

Spending time on your computer – if it’s not for work – is usually dedicated to social media, watching videos with no value, clicking everything that grabs our attention or just browsing without thinking or learning anything.

But your online behavior affects your life. It’s a bad productivity habit, in this case. And it doesn’t engage your brain in the right way.

So I suggest that you either minimize the time you surf the Internet, or start using it more wisely. Read interesting blogs, connect with like-minded people, check out news related to your field of interest, and so on.

3. Working on tasks that don’t need to be done.

Not everything on your to-do list is important. There are many items that can be completed by other people, or which won’t make a difference even if you never finish them.

Instead of spending your time this way, focus on the tasks that help you improve and bring you closer to your goals.

4. Not tracking what you do.

I’ve discussed the benefits of tracking time, habits and progress daily and how it has changed my life.

Without knowing what you’ve done during the day, you’ll never know how far you’ve got and what’s left to be done.

Without calculating the time you spent doing each activity in the day, you won’t see that you could have been quicker. Or even that some things should be removed.

You can analyze your behavior and bad habits by documenting everything you do. Then you’ll make the necessary changes and finally start getting things done.

5. Not being present.

Unproductive people often go back to yesterday. They think about the things they did wrong. And wonder how they could have done them differently. But the only thing they win is regrets and disappointment. While at the same time life goes on.

Become mindful of everything you do, be right here right now. Focus on your current activity. It’s the only thing that matters. Going back to the past or living in the future can’t help you get things done in the present.

6. Perfectionism.

Your constant desire to do things perfectly leaves you with nothing but discontent and a lower opinion of yourself.

You feel like a failure most of the time and keep striving for perfection. When, in fact, fear of failure prevents you from achieving great results, your doubts and insecurities stop you from working smart and doing your best.

Let go of perfectionism. Just do what you know. You can’t fail if you prepare, start small and stay present.

Such are the habits of unproductive people. And that’s just a small part of the reasons why they never get anything done.

What can you do about it today so that you don’t become one of them? And what are the bad habits that steal your productivity?