“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

I don’t think the majority of humanity understands the potential that we have individually and corporately. I think that a good many settle for status quo or give up on progression when the going gets tough.

I think it is a shame, because we have so much untapped potential and if we could just tap into it, we’d be able to feel much more fulfilled and joyful.

The comfort zone is nice and comfy, but eventually is causes boredom, frustration, and even heartbreak.

I’ve talked to various people who feel like they’ve settled for one reason or another and they feel the nagging ache of something missing in their lives.

They want more, they want to discover their passion and purpose and maximize their potential, but they don’t. They stay comfortably numb in their comfort zone, because that’s what most other people do. To go against popularity is risky and raises eyebrows and some people don’t want to face that.

Do you want to discover your passion and purpose but don’t know how?

I dare you to face it. I dare you to take a good, long, hard look at your life right now and determine if you’ve settled for status quo or not.

Do you have dreams that you’ve locked away tight in the corner of your heart? Do you want more but settle for less? Do you allow fear to control you?

I’m not writing blindly here. I have settled in my life on different levels. I settled in relationships I was not happy in, in jobs that were VERY unfulfilling, in a framework of mind that was slowly suffocating my spirit. I would rack my brain trying to discover my purpose and passion in life and come up with zilch.

All I did know for sure was that I was not living a life that I truly felt fulfilled with and I also felt like I was living a life to please everyone else but me.

Needless-to-say, I reached a point where I’d had enough. I wanted more. I wanted to discover my passion and go against the status quo. I wanted to do what made me happy- whatever that was.

I began making little changes here and there. I discovered my primary passion was to inspire, encourage, and challenge others so I began pursuing that avenue with the intention to love what I was doing and allow everything else to fall into place. I am so glad it is!

Have you discovered your passion? Do you feel stuck, frustrated, tired, and lost? Have you settled for the status quo or the comfort zone? Did you think your life would turn out way different than it has?

If so, it’s time to begin a new journey on a different path. You don’t have to stay on a path that you are not happy with.

What makes you think you have to? Fear? Tell it to kiss off. Circumstances? Do what you can to change them.

You can find solutions to many of your issues. You can discover your purpose and passion with some time, effort, and some awesome resources.

The first step is to make a firm commitment to doing things different.

If you do the same things you’ve been doing, not much will change. You may even have to make RADICAL changes in order to veer off the path you are on. Don’t fear! Get excited about maximizing your potential!

Make the commitment and stir yourself up with coaching, excellent books and resources. These will help you discover your passions and purpose in life. Get excited about change. Get geared up for new discoveries about yourself, a new path, finding your purpose, and doing what you love.

About The Author

This is a guest post by Jon Eborn.